Lessons from Obituaries: Guest Post from Mom

Mom's back!! My mom and I co-authored a book together, Depression Cookies, and she guest posts on my blog quite often.Several weeks ago, I asked Mom to write a post explaining how she uses the obituaries to find character names (because I've always found it fascinating). I had to twist her arm a bit, okay a lot, but here it is. Enjoy.*****Obit Primer Reader and More ...more

I read the obits

I admit it. I read the obituaries. I’m not retired and I’m not feeling old. I’m not fascinated with death and I am not morbid. My mother and father read the obituaries regularly....more

It sounds like you are having an extremely stressful week. I hope everything goes well with your ...more

A Good Death

The father of a friend of mine died recently.  Here’s how it happened:   She was driving home from a board meeting thinking about the finishing touches that she needed to put on a grant.  Her cell phone rang.  It was her brother telling her that her father wasn’t feeling well.  He’d been a bit under the weather.  She rushed to his home.  He was talkative and joking.  A couple of hours later, he had a heart-attack and died surrounded by his children and other family members.  ...more