The Real Housewife of Comedy

I admit biggest guilty pleasure: those damn 'Real' Housewives.  Don't make that face, I know  you're watching them too...wishing  it was you in that make-up chair getting your hair done by your portable gay with the magic wand. I wish I knew before I searched and searched for the perfect man that all I really needed was a gay guy. Ladies, those are the men we should be using our energy to find....more

I love TV.

I love TV. In fact, when someone tells me, "Oh, I don't have a TV," I'm mildly annoyed. Because to me, telling me you don't have a TV translates to -but I spend all day and night on the internet...probably on Hulu. Just get a TV like every other normalish person already so I can talk about all my favorite shows with you in a timely manner! No, there is no one person I'm referring to because I've had this conversation with various people in various settings. ...more
Get on the band wagon and get that DVR going! Thanks for reading! ;-) @Denisemore

A Change of Heart: The Real Housewives Can Do Real Damage

This week's guest blog was written by Yashar Ali, an LA based commentator......more

Oh No! I Think I'm Jealous of Snooki!!

 Heaven help me: Snooki’s winning.  ...more