The startling reality of self medicating. (a.k.a. I was a 30-something Functioning Alcoholic)

Life is short and we are all blessed beyond measure.These universal truths had eluded me for many years when I couldn’t see past the dark or get out of my own way. I’ve always struggled with depression and my relationship with alcohol as a soothing remedy began in my teens. Alcohol was abundant in family and social gatherings, and it was a rare occasion that didn’t call for a drink or four.Despite getting a DUI after a concert when I was 20 I failed to realize the trajectory I was on was abnormal or detrimental....more

Real Women, Real Lives, Real Stories

As part of the #WomensLives campaign, I've been reading stories about women the world over and the challenges they face. I have been touched by those stories. The more I think about it, the more I realize that many real women of my acquaintance have also accomplished great things. We are real women and we have stories to share. I will be interviewing women for a series of articles about the way women have overcome challenges in their lives to be successful.  ...more

"Real Women Have Curves" and Other Ways You're Not Helping

Posting a picture of Sophia Loren or Christina Hendricks on your Facebook as if it were some sort of radical, daring alternative to opressive patriarchal beauty standards is foolish at best, and harmful at worst. Seeing these kinds of images doesn't make me feel good, it makes me feel like being a womanly, curvaceous Venus is the only alternative I have to being super-skinny. The reality is that I, like many women, am neither very skinny nor lush and voluptuous. I have fat on my thighs and small boobs. I am imperfect. Where do I fit into this dichotomy? ...more
Hi, "Marilyn" girl her.   You know the girl whose body looks a bit pin-uppy, who has big boobs, ...more

What Do You Really Look Like?

Maybe the inspiration came from the Dove “Campaign for Real Beauty" (very smart campaign; not sure why/how Dove dropped the ball on that one). I just discovered a website called My Body Gallery: What Real Women Look Like....more
What a neat concept? I think sometimes we are too hard on ourselves and it is easy to compare ...more

From Porn Stars to Sexy School Girls, Real Women Don’t Have to Look Like Male Fantasies

OK look, it is not totally the guys’ fault. Guys are easily confused when it comes to women. Any girlfriend or wife can attest to this simple fact. So it is up to us, the women, to tell the guys what is sexy or not. Yes, guys are very visual and their attraction to women who look like strippers, porn stars or sexy, school girls is well-documented, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want all of us to strut around looking like that. Those kinds of looks are for male fantasies, not for reality, at least not any lasting reality....more

I was wondering the same thing about whether men would agree. I need to figure out a good site ...more Wants to Feature Your Face

In our current world of arty photo angles and red-hot Twitter avatars, it's increasingly difficult to find images of real women looking ... real. Maybe it's our Photoshop-happy media culture. Maybe it's our fear of showing what we view as our flaws. Maybe it's that we, as women -- wives, partners, mothers, friends, photographers -- are so often behind the camera instead of in front of it. But for us, as we attempt to illustrate the raw and gripping posts of our Own Your Beauty initiative, it's ... frustrating. Where are all the photos of real women? ...more

I just spent some time looking through the Flickr group. So many beautiful pictures.

I'm ...more

On the HomeStretch

Real Stories, Real Struggles, Real Radio ~ A place to find people just like you who are striving to make the second half of their lives better than the first.  Meet veteran broadcaster, Debbie Alan, along with featured guests on the On the HomeStretch blog: ...more