Homemade Taco Seasoning

 I never hear complaints about what we're having for dinner when it's taco night.  Simple, classic tacos are one of the few meals that all of my kids look forward to, so we have them often.  Some of the kids like the soft tortilla shells to hold all the ingredients together, some prefer the hard shells.  Some add hot sauce, some don't.  Some pile on the sour cream, others load up on shredded cheddar....more

Homemade Vanilla Coffee Creamer

  Half of our kids are adults, two are teenagers, which leaves just one that hasn't reached his teen years yet.  Wow, just reading that sentence makes me feel a moment of panic.  This whole growing up thing has just happened way too fast, and I'm terrified to blink in case they all graduate when I'm not looking....more

Creamy Vegetable Rice

I've managed to eliminate another packaged, processed item from my kitchen cupboards.  Sorry Uncle Ben, we're finished....more

June Real Food Monthly Meal Plan from The More With Less Mom

June brings a few holidays, including Father's Day, Hug Your Cat Day, International Fairy Day, and the summer solstice. For us it brings the end of the school year....more

January Real Food Meal Plan from The More With Less Mom

  Ideas and resources for menu planning in January, many seasonal winter and real food recipes. Very simple ingredients, from scratch, frugal recipes....more

Healthy, Real Food Recipe Sharing Site!

I write to you today about a resource we hope will help to enhance your real food experience. It’s a creation from my heart. It’s also “Announcement #2” for those who read my What’s Happening to the Blog? And Where Have I Been Post. ...more

Why I Cook From Scratch: A Manifesto for 'Homemade' Cooking

"Would you like a homemade waffle? "  This is what I was asked every other morning at the Inn where I spent the last week of my vacation.  Hmmm, homemade?   Well, within seconds—and I mean seconds—a steaming, perfect waffle would appear!  Maybe they meant "freshly made"?   It turned out that they were making them to order from a commercial mix.  They were cakey and dense, though the spread offered wasn't butter and the syrup was the usual thick corn syrup.  I had one with jam, but after that passed on the "homemade" waffles. ...more
Karen, I am the author, and though I understand that not everyone learns to cook by watching ...more