A Bit on The Bachelorette, Episode 3

So today is Friday (yay!) and the Bachelorette aired way back on Monday, and I just cannot find the energy to write a complete recap. So If you watched the show, this stuff will make sense to you. If you didn't watch it, then not so much (and what is wrong with you? Why don't you feel the need to waste time watching junk on TV?). Anywho, here are some thoughts ...more

The Real Housewives of Orange County:Slade Ended the Party!

I get caught up in the Reality scene from time to time. I hope you are a kindred spirit and enjoy some snark!...more

Dr. Drew wants you!

Do you have an addiction problem and want to have it and your treatment aired on television for millions of people to see? Well, I have just the man for you. Dr. Drew. ...more

I Fell Into Reality Television

My very good friend, Diane, recommended Blog Her to me.  We have known each other since we met on the set of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (EMHE) season one.  As this is my first post I wanted to introduce myself. I am a wife and mother of three children (ages 15, 11 and 9) and I currently work as Art Director or Production Designer for reality television design shows.  One day I was doing interior design and art commissions out of my home and after sending an email to Ty Pennington I found myself working for EMHE.  Strange and simple really....more

Famous Food Episode 2


So You Think You Can Dance Recap: The Top 20 Give Me Deja Vu

Now this was the performance of the night. I was a little worried it would be gimmicky, what with the painted status effect. But it was a lovely lovely routine, executed so perfectly. And emotional, unique. It deserved the raves it go....more

No one sent home? But two next week? I mean, is it going to get any easier?

I was pretty ...more

Keeping It Real: My Obsession With Reality TV

Reality television took me by surprise. I had no way of knowing that it would have such a hold on me. All it took was one innocent episode or one night of insomnia, and I was hooked. The lure of supposed “reality” appeals to my academic curiosity, my ethnographic voyeurism, and my small town nosiness all at the same time. And while I know that reality television shows are scripted, edited, and manipulated—it is still the promised reality that gets me. I feel invested in characters. I feel like I know them (and their business). And I always, always want to know more! ...more

TV Reality OverKill Or Just Me?

Is it just me, or, am I right in assuming the obvious: The world is being overtaken by REALITY TV! Okay, in a moment of full disclosure, let me affirm that I do have my picks when it comes to watching the antics of Reality Shows. I think my focus and free time has shifted from being a card holding member of at home daytime soaps (most, if not all of my favorites no longer air) to that of nightime diva fish in a sea of diva fish caught up and thrashing fins & flabbing our gills at the end of some reality tv's hook....more

In Sickness and In Rhinoplasty: Bridalplasty Marks a New TV Low, So Sign Me Up!

Do any of my people know any people at E! cable television network?  Because I want an audition, stat, for the most amazing, horrific, Frankenstein mash-up reality show competition to occur in these few precious months before the end of civlization:  Bridalplasty! ...more
No, I'd never watch it. When I remarried I was a 39-year-old widow with three kids. I figured my ...more

New Hair Show in Town

All right, insane reality television fanatics, get ready to add a new show to your DVR list. Oxygen’s newest reality show, “Hair Battle Spectacular” is shedding light on a somewhat underground genre of hairstyling: fantasy hair design....more