‘The Bachelor’ TV Recap, Finale: Jake’s 'Incredible Journey' Concludes With a Proposal

[Cue Swan Song]. And. So. It. Is. The island of St. Lucia will not only be remembered for its breathtaking valleys and sparkling blue waters, but now it will be forever associated with ‘Bachelor’ Jake’s love bomb. A love bomb that inspired a whole nation of TV viewers–even Ole Granny–to want to toke it up to ease the pain. To phrase it in Jake’s vernacular: Gosh, what a difficult decision and amazing, magical journey we’ve been on. Gee, that maverick sure did follow his heart!...more

American Idol Recap: Here We Go, Here We Go, Here We Go! The Top 24 for Season 9

It was definitely Ladies Night for the Top 24. Now that we're past all the delusional people of the audition episodes and the manufactured drama of Hollywood Week, we are getting down to business, and I am kicking off my recaps. Welcome to American Idol Season 9, and the Top 24.Lilly Scott image courtesy Fox...more

So, i haven't seen the women yet.

Glad to hear I have improvement to look forward ...more

The Bachelor TV Recap: The Women Tell All, Rozlyn Fails

The estrogen levels did not disappoint on 'The Women Tell All' showdown, especially when the vengeful Rozlyn Papa came onto the scene. She was mean, nasty, and a total tool--undone by her own fibs. But what did disappoint, you ask so feverishly? It would've been nice if the audience could've asked some stinkin' questions! And by the by, multi-colored shades of orange via tanning beds doesn't count as diversity. Here are the highlights that'll make you chew up your rose petals and spit 'em out... Rejects Reunite!...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 11 Get Small. Really Small.

This week's episode was a first-ever challenge: Design a "fashion-forward" look for a little girl. Out trotted 11 little girls between the ages of five and eight ... some of whom looked completely shell-shocked and freaked out to be on TV. But hey, I'm sure their parents would say they were all there because they wanted to be, and they couldn't possibly keep their children from that tremendous inner drive to be reality TV stars. ...more

I thought this episode was so fun to watch.  Seth Aaron's style is so cool, my 12 year ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 12 Escape Real Women and Design for "the Body"

AKA: If you can't make Heidi Klum look good? You have a problem. This week's episode of Project Runway saved the designers from the scary, scary need to dress real women, and put them squarely back in their comfort zone: Dressing someone who models bikinis and underwear again three weeks after giving birth to her fourth child. ...more

I just couldn't get over how the designers practically ignored the advice they were given. I ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 13 Freak Out Over Real, Live Women

Still wondering who these people think is going to buy their clothes? ...more

Okay, so I agree with everyone who says the outfits were very ho-hum, and that the ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 14 Team Up and Cross-Dress

Or, really, make that Cross-Design, if I leave off trying to be all provocative with my headline. This week's episode finds our designers at the Met, where there is a wonderful exhibition of couture fashion. Their challenge is to be inspired by that fashion to create their own signature high-end look. In order to deliver something high-end, they are giving the designers $500 and two days to complete the challenge. Of course, they're also saddling them with a team member. If you watch this show, you know that means there is drama ahead. ...more

I thought the 1st two episodes of this season were outstanding...who knew that potato sacks ...more

I can't say no to Say Yes to the Dress

By BJ Roche ...more

awe and incredulity that I slip into while watching these shows. I'm someone that didn't have ...more

The Bachelor: Vienna's Boobilicious Scandal!

This article can also be found on Fancast.com.Hold onto your god-given endowments: Another Bachelor fiasco has emerged and who better the culprit than Vienna Girardi, the most hated contestant on the show!...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 15 Get in the Sack

Project Runway is back in NYC, and all is right with the world. Or at least, so far, these designers seem to have talent; they seem to put well-constructed garments down the runway, and Michael Kors and Nina Garcia seem to be firmly ensconced in their judge's chairs ... as it oughta be. And Tim Gunn is nowhere near a pair of flip-flops. And you know he must be happy about that. ...more