HOW TO SURVIVE AN AFFAIR.......After the CHEATING is Gone.....

HOW TO SURVIVE AN AFFAIR……..Creating a New Relationship where an Old Relationship Had Been….How does one survive something as traumatic as a cheating spouse? Does one even want to go on with the relationship after someone has cheated and lied to them? That is a personal decision and a hard one. To me there is no right or wrong answer….It is simply a personal choice based upon their own unique circumstances…....more

DNR-R (Do Not Resuscitate Relationship)

Exes are exes for a reason. People always want a second chance and we sometimes feel compelled to give them one. We like to reason that they may have changed their ways or they have grown and are different, but 9 times out of 10 they are still the same. If he was a cheater when you were together the first time, then chances are he is still a cheater….just better at his craft. If he was abusive physically, verbally, or emotionally then he more than likely still is abusive. Don’t put your life at risk for him, you got out the first time, you may not be so lucky the second....more

Did I Say That!?

         Note to self: please stop issuing broad, sweeping edicts that you yourself cannot follow. ...more

haven't you loved a lot?

You may be in love right now. Maybe not. But when you think about it, over the years, throughout your life, haven't you loved a lot? And haven't you been loved in return? It gives me the warm fuzzies to think back on my first crush, a certain sweetheart, or even a recent flirt. All added up, you and me, we, have loved. A lot! Some believe that love never fades. You may not be feeling it this red-hot minute, but once created, love never dies....more

Rumble in the jungle

No I am not going to discuss the Ali-Foreman fight. But what I can tell you is that Ali and Foreman had nothing on my two boys. Let me tell you when the rounds start going here, the rounds start going. Now it’s not always fisticuffs in fact most of the time it’s just plenty of mean words.  Which believe you me is bad enough. Punches may sting for awhile but those words can be damaging....more

Looking for Mr. Good Enough

Michele C. Here's the thing: Any time you use the word "settling" in reference to a man, a career, or a house, it's gonna piss women off. This is America, damn it, and we are entitled to soulmates, and dream jobs, and beautifully renovated kitchens. If you only work hard enough, want it bad enough, and send enough positive vibes out into the universe, it will happen. To think otherwise is not only selling yourself short, but downright unpatriotic. ...more

2 poems + a wish!

visit me at http://romancingthestone.wordpress.com2 poems on NPR this week  How It Will End  ...more

I am quite fond of this poem, "Everything is beautiful from a Distance". I am not quite sure ...more

Herpes: Do most people fess-up to having it BEFORE they have sex?

I'm a divorced mom back out in the dating trenches.  And yes, I've become sexually active again (protected sex only), not with the intention of falling love but to release some of this psychotic, pent-up, approaching-40 sexual energy. But a few days ago a man I planned to meet this weekend for a first date told me he has herpes.  Shocked, I sat there waiting for him to say he was joking (not sure why) ....but no, he wasn't. ...more

I did some research on herpes just to find out how widespread it really is - and yeah, they ...more

A Mothers View on Mother-Daughter Relationships

After 9 glorious hours of sleep, I grab my coffee and head on over to blogher. As I bounce from post to post I come across one about the mother daughter relationship and it's complications. ...more

As a mom of two daughters (quite a bit younger, but still) I get what you're saying.And I ...more