If You Give a Little Love.

This week I saw this video (below) floating around in my Facebook newsfeed. I rarely watch/click on things people share because one thing leads to another and your time is just consumed into a big dark black hole after that first click and although it can be fun to see where the rabbit whole leads. well .. . there just isn't time. But the title to this video caught my attention and the date it was posted was marked as my birthday so .. I mean come on .. it had to be good right? And it was. ...more

Bloom My Child

As I was looking over my garden last night I felt a sense of pride.  There is nothing like witnessing first hand the fruits of your labor.  To me there is something very fulfilling about the whole process.  Starting out with just a tiny seed and caring for it until it becomes a flourishing plant that returns the favor by producing beautiful crop.  Although the garden is small in comparison, I couldn't help but think of the similarities between growing the plants and raising our children.We give our children constant attention and love.A day of sunshine ou...more