Of Rearranging Furniture; OC or A Happy Cure for the Blues!

Are you feeling blue? Perhaps you have nothing fun and exciting to do! It is time, then, to take a break from all the cooking and cleaning and gardening and even from reading books. Why not give your tired brain and listless spirit a perky facelift by rearranging your home’s furniture. Even just reshuffling one or two rooms should do the trick. Guarantee you’ll get a little exercise in the process too. Rearranging rooms has been known to cure the blues, because it actually contributes to your mental health and well-being.But you have to try it, even once, to believe it....more
@2013ari LOL! I think perhaps you should start charging. But if you really love it, then they ...more

Monday Musings: {rearranging therapy}

10:30 AMtoday i decided to rearrange the playroom/schoolroombrace yourself, this is hideous!this is what happens when you're in the process of movingfurniture around......more