Interview: "Big Girls Don't Cry" Author Rebecca Traister

Post-mortems of the 2008 elections, with many pages dedicated to the women involved, are not in short supply. One of the most recent entries, Big Girls Don’t Cry: The Election That Change Everything For American Women, is by Rebecca Traister, author and senior writer for Many excellent reviews have been written already, and I would only be adding to them. So instead, I'm offering up the results of a phone interview I conducted with Traister last week. I think you'll find her reflections fascinating. ...more

Thanks for the clarification.

I agree that: “our female leaders will have more roads open ...more

The Wear Everything Challenge - What are We REALLY Giving Up?

Almost two years ago, when the economy was still good and there was no real reason not to run out to the mall and buy something new, I wrote a post for BlogHer about how to shop your closet.  The idea is simple, and is one that I return to over and over again: you can't shop effectively until you know what you have, and the place to start is with a systematic analysis of what's in the closet. ...more

My husband and I share a closet. When I go to other people's houses, I'm shocked to find most ...more