Hit List

The neighbors are trying to kill our dog.At least, that's what my son keeps telling people. Yesterday, our neighbors brought over a huge bag of dog food for Mattie. Their dog didn't like it, so instead of throwing it out, they thought of us. Unbeknownst to me, there was a recall of this dog food announced yesterday.When the phone rang this morning, I heard my mother's voice...dog food...Salmonella...passes to humans....more

Product Recalls: How Did We Ever Live to Adulthood?

 Graco is recalling its classic wood highchairs after parents reported their children fell from the chairs. Almost 90,00 chairs are being recalled. Now go ask your parents how many products were recalled while you were a child. Bet they couldn’t name a single product. Thanks, Mom. It’s a wonder we actually survived to adulthood....more

Wisconsin Voters Reject Recall Attempt of Governor Scott Walker

In the 2008 presidential primary season, the late spring-early summertime blossomed with pundit opportunities, what with Hillary dropping out and Barack Obama consolidating his nomination....more
I won't get into an argument about why I support unions. I will say that high voter turnout is ...more

Wisconsin Bellwether

Humm...I wonder what this "1 person listening" means? Being new here, I'm still just trying to ...more

iPod Nano Recall

I first heard about this two days ago on the news....more

Don't Let the Door Hit You On Your Way Out, Russell!

I have been holding my breath all day. I can breathe again.  My friends in Mesa have done a wonderful thing.  They have successfully recalled Russell Pearce. One of the worst people to ever be elected to public office in Arizona (and that is saying something!) has been recalled.  Russell Pearce has lost his Arizona Senate seat.  The Arizona Senate President, SB 1070 author, and puppet master behind Jan Brewer's governorship has been recalled.  ...more

Ground Beef Recall Expands Across U.S.

A massive ground beef recall of products packed by National Beef Packing Co., LLC in Dodge City, Kan. expanded to stores in nearly 30 states today. The recall, which affects approximately 60,424 pounds of ground beef, was first announced on August 12. ...more
This makes me so happy that I buy meat at the local farmers market and have never stepped foot ...more

Similac recall: new FDA data on beetle-infested formula, other recalls too

A few days ago I received a plain white envelope in the mail from Abbott, the infant formula manufacturer. Inside was a form letter, telling me that the company was voluntarily recalling some of its cans of Similac powdered formula because they may contain beetle parts. The news was jarring; while I had just started my six-month-old son on solids, I wasn’t planning on including beetle bits on the menu....more

Toyota Recall: I Don't Want You To Die

My husband removed the floor mat from his 2005 Toyota Prius today, because he'd rather not die. Correction: I informed my husband to immediately remove the floor mat from him 2005 Toyota Prius so it wouldn't KILL HIM. Toyota is recalling millions of vehicles, and despite being an owner of one of said recalled vehicles, I found out via the news. Yes I tend to panic a bit, but when you hear stories about accelerators getting stuck and families dying, I think I am allowed to panic. ...more

Really long time ago. Now I am very zen about driving and seriously hate OTHER people who get ...more