Best Bachelor in Paradise 2015 Blog and Recap: Episode 5: Never Play the Widowed Mother

 Bachelor In Paradise 2015 Blog and RecapLast week ended in a "cliffhanger" or rose ceremony interruptus by Clare.  When last we left our regularly scheduled programming, Clare was having a meltdown with Chris Harrison behind the scenes. Ashley Kit gloats over her melt down saying that “everything is working out for me”  tee hee.  Except when it doesn’t work out for you Ashley Kit and the shoe is on the other foot. Clare finally pulls herself together, Chris Harrison says “she wasn’t feeling good” and we are back to the rose ceremony.   We are left wondering whether Clare will hand out a rose at all.  The roses continue with Ashley Kit picking Jared, Juelia picking Darth Joe (yes, that is his new nickname more on that later)....more

Catch Up Before the Next Episode: Was the Scandal in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Handled?

Just when we thought we knew who to hate in BIP Season 2, things just got a whole lot more confusing. Don’t worry I’ll break it all down for you in the Bachelor in Paradise 2015 Blog and Recap.  You won’t miss a single scene.   First, do we have a new villain in paradise?  There was definitely something fishy going on between Joe and Samantha—"Ursula the Sea Witch" fishy. ...more
Sorry, I couldn't even spend the time it took to read the article on this crap.  Garbage in, ...more

Quick Catch Up on Fox TV's EMPIRE All 4 Weeks in 4 minutes!

Here we are 4th week of "Empire" and I thought this was going to be the first week I couldn't watch at 9pm, cause I had a screening I couldn't miss, but then lucky for me they changed the screening time from 7:30pm to 6pm, so I was home with 15 minutes to spare - just enough time to make myself a cup of hot cocoa with brandy and turn on Cookie and them!...more

NY Fashion Week 2014 Recap

Every year at the end of August, I anxiously await Vogue’s September issue. Throughout the years I have collected quiet a few of them and enjoy flipping through the pages of older issues comparing styles and taking account of fashion trends. It’s a feeling of happiness and childhood dreams, I like to experience on a weekend morning sipping on a cup of coffee as I munch on a sweet chocolate bar. [Side note: Why is it, that fashion and chocolate go so good together?"] ...more

The Bachelor, Episode 3: More Boring Dates and Venezuelan Mind Games

Photo courtesy of ABC...more

The Bachelor, Ep. 2: Ay Caramba! Can You Say Trainwreck?!?!?!?!?

Photo courtesy of ABC...more

Bachelor Recap: How Do You Say, What's the Word...RIDICULOUS?

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Its Said and Its Done

I cannot be the only one…who is more than a little relieved that all the salutations of seasons greetings have been said, all the festive meals have been eaten, and all the wrappings have been unwrapped for this years Christmas.  Now that the season has been said and done it is time for us to review, recap, and recite some of the holiday happenings....more

Season 17 of "Dancing with the Stars" Premiered Monday Night - Did You Watch?

Courtesy of ABCUnfortunately for ABC, DWTS is turning into Make-a-Wish for Seniors....more
I think the who show should be eliminated. What the effing heck was that Monday night? Barring ...more

Bachelorette Finale: Desiree Gets Her Fairytale Proposal

To kick off the second half of the season 9 finale of The Bachelorette last night, host Chris Harrison recapped the first half succinctly: “Desiree gave her heart completely to someone who didn’t love her back…Desiree was left…virtually hopeless.” Nice setup, ABC. Real nice. ...more