Writers Eating Blueberry Pancakes

My friend Tom and I go out to breakfast a few times a week. We discuss what we are writing and working on and share ideas. There are several local spots we frequent but my favorite is Coll's Farm in Jaffrey, NH. Today I chose Coll's because I needed some local honey and theirs is self-serve and the the best price. As we walked into the warm little cafe-area of store, I was disappointed to note a couple sitting up on the tall stools that face an expansive window. ...more

Inspiration from Winnie-the-Pooh

I'm having one of those days where I have to dig deep to remind myself what my new goals are. I awoke with a certain sense of ennui - my favorite word for feeling spiritually crappy. Actually, ennui means listlessness and dissatisfaction resulting from lack of interest, bordom. I sat down and published a blog post that came to me yesterday totally inspired. That lead to an idea to help my little local farm stand communicate itself better with a blog and improved FaceBook activity....more


Having just read CHILDLESS AND LOVING IT (not the real name, but, I hope, the intent) I too, am also without kiddies and without husbands or divorces.And I'm 57 years old, pretty much loving it (wrinkles I could do without as with arthritis) and I feel fairly accomplished about never married, and no children.   Yes, I've been pregnant.  So, I've just made some, if not enemies than emphatic disagree'ers..Now maybe that po' me stuff- the AADs and nearsightedness - makes it okay to just tell the good stuff I got in the birth package without undo modesty....more

How can you create a personal portfolio that will impress?

Susan RawlingsTwitter: @susansboutiqueEmail: boutiquesearchmarketing@gmail.comI am in the process of developing a new marketing business and using my past personal and professional experiences as "talking points" in a visual way that will help me tell my story and share my expertise.I have discovered a free eBook on this while researching methods and topics on portfolios this morning on the web....more

Week 3!

Start of week three of working on and for myself.  Debbie Inc! ...more

Can Volunteer Work Help You Land a Job?

If you are re-careering or out of work and looking to re-enter the workforce should you consider volunteering for an organization as part of your job strategy? Absolutely yes! Here's why volunteering is a great way to increase your chances of landing a job you really want. It empowers you to: ...more
This is such terrific advice!  Volunteer work is a terrific way to brush up your skills or even ...more

Love Is Simply Joy

I’ve worked a lot of jobs in my life. I’ve been a garden nursery worker, tending plants and pulling weeds; I’ve been a fast-paced online marketer, updating content and helping to brainstorm creative ideas. I’ve been a freelance writer, starving in my tiny studio apartment. I’ve been a Wal-mart shoe girl, trying to peddle shoes to an uninterested public.A lot of people ask me why I ultimately chose to nanny. And the fact of the matter is, none of the jobs I’ve listed above, or any other ones that I’ve worked, give me the satisfaction and fulfillment that nannying does....more

What do Re-Careering; The Pioneer Woman and Body Image have in common?

Nothing but those were the things that caught my eye in the list of possible tags.  Actually, that isn't true.  I am obsessed with the Pioneer Woman; I am sitting here looking at some doughnuts she made on her show (it is one of those ad thingies off to the side), they are tormenting me as I love, love, love cake doughnuts which leads us to body image.  And I have quite an image of my body.  It is hot here today, very unusual for us here in Seattle so the possibility of showing off more of my 55 year old body, (oh wait - the 10lb, 1 oz perpertrator who helped shape my bo...more

Tonight We're Gonna Party Like it's 1999

So- I've had many jobs in my lifetime.  None of them have paid well.  Some of them have cost me!  But I'm here to let you know W-O-R-K  IS a four-letter word! I have worked for some crazy (hilariously so) people.  My first real boss after college was Layla.  She owned her business that Daddy bought to get her out of his hair.  She hid all the bills in a file cabinet, unopened, just hoping that they would pay themselves.  I became her AP person!...more

50 and Going Back To School

I'd always dreamed of moving to NY for the summer and taking a month-long course at Parson's. So while in NY on business this past November, I thought I'd swing by this famed university and check to see if they had printed their new summer catalog. I walked in the front door and to my left was a nice young girl, sitting at the desk. She was apparently one of the students, working to put herself through college. ...more
 @lisaweldon Bummer about your class. After I read this article, I saw on your own blog about ...more