25 Signs You Hate Your Job

Today I was talking with a colleague about what it felt like in those deep dark days of being in a job that you hate. It is intense. The feelings are real and sometimes the thoughts are irrational. It feels like you are trapped with no way out. It's not funny business by any means. That said, we vamped on a bit about some definitive signs that your job is killing you and sucking out your soul. So here's today's top 25 list of "you know you hate your job when..." ...more
I loved reading this, great post -  I knew I had to get out of my job, and decided to start a ...more

Are You Cut Out for Self-Employment?

Do you have what it takes to be self-employed?  It can look so easy from the outside looking in, but that is a total mirage because it barely provides a peek into what it really takes to run a successful business. ...more
Such great advice! I've been thinking about self-employment for a bit now and your series has ...more

Gaining the Skills for a New Career

[Editor's Note -- This week in the Reinvent Yourself series, we examine the role training plays in switching careers. Think a new job means heading back to the classroom? Maybe - and maybe not. -- Michelle V. Rafter]So, you've identified what you might like to do for your next career...now what?...more
Sometimes you can gain the skills you need to take on the next career move in your current ...more

Career Change Roundup

Changing careers can be exhilirating or stressful depending on your approach. In the last few years more people have had to change careers by necessity rather than by voluntary choice. That said, whether you choose to leave or are asked to leave you have the power to use it as a catalyst for your future. ...more
In the midst of it right now...experiencing good and bad days. But I've found that staying busy, ...more

How to Keep Going When You're Growing a Business

Last night I was having a conversation with my financial advisor when we started talking about perseverance and what it REALLY takes to build a business. I was fairly amazed at how different her perspective was after a decade in her own company than mine was after a little over four years full-time. ...more

dumbing myself back up

I am smart. not bragging, not being arrogant, just stating a fact. The problem is that for the last 5 years i worked in a business where i was forced to dumb myself down every minute out of every hour out of every day.  I used to read a couple books a week; going to the library quite often. I have not been to the library in 5 years.  The only books i have read in the last 5 years have been books that I have read on vacation.  I quit my job 3 days after Christmas and have been making $350 a week on unemployment while I look for work. I am a 51 year old female....more

Having my own "play" time and not living through my child

So I started playing tennis again. And as I played, I couldn’t believe how much it meant to me. Because I was truly having unadulterated fun: a feeling I think I tend to deprive myself of. Oh, and my nine-year-old daughter felt relieved. Here’s the story. After occasionally playing for the past 25 years and previously playing for my high school team, I finally decided to get back in the game. I signed up for a weekly doubles clinic, and you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face the whole time I played...which must have been super annoying to the other players for an hour and a half....more

what a great post. i've been wanting to get back into soccer lately. when i was at my nephew's ...more