Giving Is Down, but What Does That Mean?

It doesn't need sugar-coating. The economy has made life difficult and different for families all over the country in all kinds of ways. We've seen blog posts about budgeting, cutting out unnecessary spending and going without extras. But the recent news that charitable giving has dropped 100 billion is a big indicator that we're all cutting back. Everywhere on everything. ...more

I enjoyed reading your article as I can really relate to the topic. My husband and I have been ...more

What Price Good Health?

The other day, the Silicon Valley Moms Blog network (which includes group blogs from the Deep South all the way to - yes - Canada) hosted a special topics day. The topic: children of the recession. The inspiration: a conference call with Katie Couric. Yes, that Katie Couric. ...more

It so sucks right now.


For the first time ever, I couldn't buy my kids ...more