The Eleventh Commandment: Thou Shalt Have Health Insurance

Growing up, the first commandment in my family was “thou shalt have health insurance.” This sacred precept was invoked whenever I became itchy at a job or felt the urge to strike out on my own. “Consider what would happen if, God forbid, you got into an accident,” my parents would say. “We would have to sell the house.”...more

Please just pass the tax cut extension already!

How does one be political without getting into personal politics? Easy, let's talk something simple - that everyone should agree on. Tax cuts. Sure, not everyone "needs" them to survive but most economists think that while the tax cuts won't necessarily be an "efffective stimulus", passing them will prevent a worsening of the economy. Possibly, according to Moody's, the economy could see modest gains from the cuts being extended. One of the biggest arguments on extending some of the cuts is "deficit"....more

The "You" Behind Your Resume: Reclaiming the Authorship Rights of Your Career Narrative

When I first moved to San Francisco in the early 90s, I was frequently pegged for being a New Yorker, and it wasn’t because of my barely detectable accent. Within seconds of meeting a new acquaintance, I would inevitably ask “What do you do?” More often than not, I received responses I didn’t expect: “I paint,” “I windsurf,” “I’m training for a biathlon,” or “I help at-risk kids.” I wanted to know what they did for a living – they told me how they lived....more

Pardon my french

Kate Takes 5: Pardon my french: "Now I'm not one to needlessly employ the use of profanities in my everyday life (ahem), but there are times when only the F word will do. And this is one of them..." (click link to read on)...more

The Real Housewives and Their Poopy Yards

I am about to reveal a deep, dark secret.  Every week, twice a week, I DVR Bravo's so-called reality series The Real Housewives of Whatever City.  I've been tuning in for years and I just can't get enough.  What is it about those "housewives" I feel so drawn to watch.  I figure it is kind of like a car crash, you just can't look away.  The premise of the show is to see life where the "grass is greener".  You know what, as I watch each episode I surely don't see greener grass.  No their beautiful, well manicured grass is full of dog poop!&nbs...more

Yes, We're a 99er Family Too

Last night, we sat around our family room wrapped in our blankets and layered up socks to watch 60 minutes.  It's a routine we have on Sunday nights.  Only, it's a little colder here because we have the heat turned way down to save on the heating bill.  In one week, we will become a 99er - 99 weeks of unemployment benefits come to an end, having exhausted our savings, retirement, and beginning to sell off things to survive.  And so it goes ... this D E P R E S S I O N we are in.  I am not going to be politically correct here, as this is NOT a recession.  Far from it.  And you know how I know?  Well, let's see ... I'm depressed.  My hubby is depressed.  Our children are depressed.  About 30+ % of our neighbors have lost their jobs and they, too, are depressed.  Businesses are failing and the economy is depressed.  Crime is on the rise and that's because there are a lot of depressed people with guns and knives out there in desperate situations.  Desperate.  Is that what we've become as a nation?  Desperate? ...more

This economy is horrible and you know what really makes me mad?? All of these people I see ...more

Talking to the White House About the Impact of the Recession on Women

On this past Thursday, the White House hosted a small conference call for online media with senior administration officials to discuss the impact of the recession on women and how the Administration's agenda is affecting women. ...more

Absolutely there are. I'm sorry I didn't make sure to get that in - I have to say, they way ...more

My Week as an Inexperienced Pool Maintenance Laborer

 This week I undertook a job that I thought I'd never attempt to do; I became a Pool Maintenance Temp, sans any experience whatsover beyond that pool chemical thingy for a hot tub.We moved into this great cottage-type house that has a 20 x 17 pool that needed attention badly. The only thing bold enough to swim in that sucker were the local frogs and a few leaves falling from the trees. Not even the giant winged, man-eating cockroaches Palmetto bugs would come near it. ...more

Recent College Graduates (and Teens) Struggle with Unemployment

The economic downturn that started 2007 has caused job loss on scale unseen since the Great Depression. Even though the recession is technically over, the sluggish growth and incremental improvements in hiring has many worried about a double dip recession. Many of the unemployed are young people -- teenagers who are hunting for a summer job or a part-time gig to pay for college, college students who want a paid internship to launch them into a career, and recent college graduates who either can't land a job that requires a degree, or have been laid off and are now moving back home with Mom and Dad. ...more

I finished grad school last May, and spent the summer applying for probably hundreds of jobs (in ...more

Cutting Child Care Subsidies Hurts Employment, Hurts Kids

Even back in 1996, many states saw child care as something that they had to have to make sure people got off the welfare rolls. Not enough people understood its transformative power for all kinds of people. Child care subsidies opened my eyes to a new world; it's our collective loss when we don't invest in it. ...more
I made the mistake of commenting on a NY Post article about Educare and was instantly flamed. It ...more