Current Unemployment Rate Hits Four-Year High

The U.S. unemployment rate edged up to 5.7 percent in July, hitting a four-year high. But some say the number conceals the true toll of the fickle economy, which can be seen in people forced to work part time because their hours were cut, or they couldn't find full-time employment. ...more

When Less is More: Why diet when you can live frugally

Dieting and frugality are a lot alike. After all, when we diet, we eat less and when we live frugally, we live with less. With both, we abstain, we hold back, we do without, we make do. So they are alike, two peas, yes, in that pod called life. Right? Wrong? ...more

Well, firstly, I love that you relate saving/frugality and dieting. I am constantly drawing ...more

An Economic Crisis

I drive a Mercury Sable. A Mercury Sable that I curse each and every day and though I am currently in the middle of Project Purchase a New Vehicle my issue right now isn't so much that I loathe my car it is that last week I went to get gas and spent $55 on good old 87. And after I blacked out and eventually came to, I told everyone I'd ever met in life that I spent FIFTY FIVE DOLLARS on gasoline and threw my hands in the air at the absurdity of it all. I shook my head and wondered what the world was coming to. ...more

There was an old song called Tighten Up in my girlish days and its become an anthem.

I ...more

5 Tips to Stretch Your Budget As Recession Worsens

Ask 10 people and they will all know someone who is really hurting financially.  This Recession is just at the beginning of its destruction.  Being responsible of the household budget means putting some drastic measures in place to protect your homefront. 1. Take a look at the cost per ounce, pound etc... of the things you buy.  It might seem like more money to buy the bigger package of soap, toilet paper etc... but per unit it's pretty much always cheaper.  ...more

Thrifty Teens? (Hint: They're Not Recession-Proof)

Traditional financial lore is that teenagers remain largely impervious to changes in the economy; teens and shopping go together like, well, chocolate and peanut butter. The current economic environment (notice that I am not using the "R" word) really is dire, though, because the news is now reporting that even teenagers are spending less. ...more

I have a thrifty teen.  She was taught well, by a very thrifty mother.  I love the thrill of ...more

Looking for a Crystal Ball on the Jobs Front, and Turning Up Short

If the job market seemed soft a month ago, these days it appears softer still. Late last week the Labor Department reported the unemployment rate rose from 4.8 to 5.1 percent in March, and nonfarm payroll employment was down 80,000 jobs. According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics release: In March, employment continued to fall in construction, manufacturing, and employment services, while health care, food services, and mining added jobs. ...more

Is There Such a Thing as Recession-Proof?

My mother is worried about the price of bread. I'm worried about the price of pizza. Plus, I'm still trying to get my head around the whole Bear Stearns buy-out fiasco. Stay with me -- they're related. ...more

This is a great post, it's a sobering thought when you hear of such things as ration cards ...more

Making Sense of a Softening Job Market

For the U.S. economy, the hits keep coming. In February, employers cut jobs by the largest amount in five years. According to the Associated Press: For the second straight month, nervous employers got rid of jobs nationwide. In February, they sliced payrolls by 63,000, even deeper than the 22,000 cut in January, the Labor Department reported Friday. The grim snapshot of the country’s employment climate underscored the heavy toll the housing and credit debacles are taking on companies, jobseekers and the economy as a whole. ...more

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The Salary Reporter

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Election 2008: Recession talk

Today, New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine said “We are in a recession…We have pretty strong indications that we have seen a major, major downshift in the economy. I think we'll find we started in the last quarter of last year." And he should know; he used to be head of Goldman Sachs. ...more

Baby's First Recession

Perhaps I'm jumping ahead of myself here using that word since we haven't officially hit recession yet. But 'precarious' and 'precipice' are the words that are coming to mind right now as in we are standing a little too close to my liking to the very edge. I'm not a person to have a fear of heights but suddenly I'm feeling the vertigo. And it wasn't always this - euphemisms aside - it's not like I have spent years being overly cautious of the economy and worrying about every possible market drop. As one can tell, I was quite the economics major. ...more