Recession Anxiety: Refusing to Lose

I talk a lot about the feminine spiral effect in our communities. Women spiral out. We network in circular patterns. We impact everything we touch because we are relationship-makers. We connect people to each other and share our resources. ...more

Ten Ways to Eat Your Way Home

TEN WAYS to Eat Your Way HomeFor those displaced by job loss, get rooted again with these ideas from wildcrafting to cooking with rhu...more

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Resilience ; a needed trait for the entrepreneurial spirit

 I was covering  a story for Mary!Mag and I signed up for a story on WEB, Women Entrepreneurs in Baltimore. I needed to find out what the inspiration was for the founders in creating this organization, which helps women become business owners. I signed up for the assignment, because like so many people who lost their jobs due to the economy, I needed to reinvent myself this year and join the mid-life career changers group. I went from teacher to writer overnight and still struggle to learn my new niche as I work hard to find fulltime employment....more

The Norwegian Experiment

Not surprisingly there was considerable backlash against Norway’s 2003 law mandating that women make up 40 percent of corporate boards (see April 19 blog “Addressing Corporate Fraud: Norway’s 40% Solution”). The most common objection was that there were insufficient qualified women in Norway. In fact one male executive complained that boards would have to recruit “escorts” to meet the quota....more

What The Recession Taught Me About Balance

In March, consumer spending increased. After months of frugality, consumers seem to be looking for a reason to spend. Even though the U.S. savings rate has increased since the start of the recession in December 2007, is the recent uptick in spending an anomaly or the beginning of sustained increases in spending? Despite the March increases in employment, unemployment is still stubbornly high. And consumers don't spend when they don't have steady, good-paying jobs. I know that from first-hand experience. ...more

After my husband lost his job in October of 09 we've put our quad budget on an even higher ...more

American Debt Super Cycle nearing its End Game

Here is a video of John Mauldin, best-selling financial author, discussing his view of the debt cycle, and the coming de-leveraging recession. Filmed during the Executive Program March 2010 at Singularity University, NASA Ames, Silicon Valley. (thanks to Singularity Univeristy)...more

Are You Working Harder Than You Did in 2007? Yes.

My husband and I spent the lion's share of the weekend in front of our computers, working. In fact, on the way to our traditional Sunday dinner with my parents, I had to swing by the office and lasso him from his desk. He has long been known as a workaholic of sorts, but the work week seems to us to have stretched out before us, and the weekends have definitely shrunk. Apparently, we are not the only ones working harder and longer these days. ...more

In 2007 blackberry's weren't as big as they are today. Now, even if you are not actively ...more

Your credit report should be a privacy issue--illegal for employers to access

  Everyone has seen the Credit report commercials depicting a young man working in a crab shack serving tourists instead of working at the job he is qualified to do. Unfortunately, this is a fact of life for some of the most highly educated individuals in this country. ...more

I want to know how long the federal government can go allowing this cycle to continue.  ...more

If only we could face the TRUTH about America’s current recession

According to Lawrence Lessig, there are two places we are in denial:...more