You Can Not Compete With Poverty...

...Unless you are poor."I remember when all I wanted to blog about was politics and culture. I had to stop because people use those topics, as well as race and religion, to unleash their inner demons without actually thinking. Usually, they try to befuddle you with their version of facts, which they then call upon when you ask them to clarify their real intentions.You all know the ones. The ones who lurk. They wait....more

Delete: The Key to Surviving the Holidays Semi-Sane & Somewhat Solvent

HearthSong is having an incredible sale.  Lands End has free shipping.  Amazon knows just what I love to read.  Sephora can make me beautiful and send me free samples, too.  Airlines are begging me to fly and hotels are almost willing to pay me to stay.Every penny I have is allocated before my automatic deposit hits my account....more


GIRLPHYTE’S TOP TEN LIST OF THE UPSIDE OF THE DOWNTURN10. There are no more long line-ups for overpriced restos and bars.9. Fast food has lost its aura as free food. There is a bustle in the kitchen.8. Fuel efficient cars have run Hummers off the road and back into the 6 car garages where they belong. 7. Nostalgia reigns - Hersheys kisses are overtaking oversized strawberries and chocolate at Godiva6. Saving is sexy.5. Work is no longer a four letter work – NYSE is. 4. Women are starting to consider gray a hair colour.3....more

Penny Auctions: Entertainment Shopping or Organized Scams?

6:50 p.m. CST. The bid for the $50 Visa Card stands at $2.96. I join the auction at, sit back and watch, deciding what my strategy for the evening will be. For the past week I have bid on a variety of gift cards at this penny auction site, winning three for a total value of $150. My financial investment including bidding and shipping costs: approximately $42.00....more
Hi, Penny auctions are the best! Thanks for a great review! Johnmore

Surviving The Tough Economy

If you read my most recent article you should know by know that my family has been impacted dramatically by this recession. I also know that we are not the only ones. According to Capitol Hill Blue, the current unemployment rate is at 9.8 percent. 15.1 million Americans are now out of work, the department said. And more than 7.1 million jobs have been eliminated since the recession began in December 2007....more

Let's Make a Deal: Trade Your Aging Soap Opera Stars for What's Behind Curtain #1!

Television can be an odd friend to those of us who spend time at home during weekdays. The elderly, the ill, third-shift workers, SAHMs, the unemployed, telecommuters, part-time students: we're a disparate audience, and we are sometimes lonesome. Daytime television can be a friendly voice to break the monotony, a connection to the outside world, or a grown-up friend to those home with young children and in need of words for their adult brains. Ellen and Oprah. A soap opera or movie. A recipe or home project demo. ...more

I began watching "my stories" in 7th grade.

Days of Our Lives to start and by high school, I ...more

Repairing Shoes - What A Cobbler Can Do For You

I may not have a lot of money, but I rarely buy cheap shoes. I only buy shoes I absolutely love, and they're usually not cheap. And because of that, I can't afford to buy a lot of shoes and the ones I have get worn to the point of disrepair. The outsole wears thin, the heel breaks or wears down, embelishments fall off and leather gets scuffed....more

Elise more

Should You Turn Down a Job Offer if You're Unemployed?

Last week I was at a networking meeting and one of the women there works as a recruiter helping match potential employers who have a need with people who need and want to work. You'd think in this economy and the corresponding levels of unemployment that she would be the holy grail for many. Not so. She explained that one of her biggest problems are people who come for interviews, get offered jobs, and then decide to decline because they would rather stay home and collect unemployment for a while. This situation has her nearly insane! ...more
I have two thoughts on this. First off, the person seeking employment, above all, needs to make ...more

A Chronicle of How the State of the World Can Inspire a Signature Jewelery Design - Part 2

For many months I spent countless hours  thinking of the type of piece I wanted to design—it had to be a piece that was not only attractive but inspirationa...more

Where did my money go?

Holy Excrement, Batman! Where did my paycheck disappear to?! I swear it was in the bank just yesterday and now it’s gone! WTF? ...more