Recession Hair

O.K this recession thing is killing me. It occurred to me this morning as I was blow drying my expensive lowlights and highlights that we're apt to see some really bad hair soon. At $200 bucks a pop for a cut and color I’ll bet some women are deciding to forego the expense and turn to Clairol. I don’t know about you, but I can easily detect a salon job from a bathroom job. Usually the color is good in the front but the back looks like Halloween. I am wondering myself, as my business is slowing to a standstill, how long can I go before I have to do something about my dull roots. ...more

Give Madoff some Cellmates!


The Depression, The Recession, And Library Funding

With the current economic situation many people are turning back to the Depression for lessons. What did they eat? What did they garden? And for bibliophiles, what did they read? Where did they get their books? Well, thanks to the NPR and Publishers Weekly we know the answer to that. Depression-era reading looked much like today's mass market offerings and that many people got their books from libraries. ...more

That's horrible! What about summer reading programs? And internet access for people who don't ...more

The Upside of Anger - 8 Recession Trends to Which You Can Look Forward

The Dow may be down, the election depressing and yes pretty much everyone, not just Americans, is feeling kind of angry. But as more of us start searching for security, stability and savings there may actually be an upside to all this anger. As behaviors start to adapt during these tough times, here are eight trends we predict that may help change the way you see things:  ...more

Is The Recession Making Us Fat?

A Newsweek article correlates the increase in the obesity rate with the recession. I do not think that the recession is making us fatter. But, it is a good excuse. During difficult times people often turn to anything that is comforting. “Comfort food” isn’t called comfort food for nothing. ...more

Career Coaching Icon's New Book Echoes Our Collective Migration from Craving "Success" to Seeking "Meaning"

I first heard of Laura Berman Fortgang about 12 years ago, when I worked at Time Warner and enjoyed a perk of working for a large media company: Free magazines. Laura was featured in a business article about a new, emerging practice called career coaching. As a business and career writer, this was an area of interest to me, new ways of doing well at work. ...more

Submit Your Children of the Recession Story to Katie Couric

Yesterday I represented BlogHer on a conference call with bloggers from the Silicon Valley Moms Blog, and Katie Couric. Couric wanted our help getting the word out about the issues being covered in CBS Reports' new series, Children of the Recession. ...more

Something Wonderful Is Happening In Michigan

by Elizabeth Hemmerdinger ...more

Now This Recession's Gone TOO FAR!

I was working on another post as my first “real” post, when something alarming and disturbing came to my attention.  I knew you’d want to know about it too. ...more


I love that - every time a Krispy Kreme ...more

Think Small. Artists Creating Mini Paintings To Survive During The Recession

Recently my friend Aaron was telling me about an artist friend of his who recently held her own stimulus art show. Instead of showing her regular art which used to fetch up to $20,000 a canvas, she held a show featuring miniature paintings --all going for $100. She sold out. As she told Aaron,'just about everyone can afford to spend $100 on a splurge.' Depending on your point of view she is either a survivor or a sell-out. Throughout the country, galleries are having conversations with the artists they represent and encouraging them to create smaller pieces. ...more

 What I should have said is that the idea of of using small paintings to market an artist's ...more