Death Watch: Is It Becoming Part Of Your Every Day Corporate Speak?

During the hunt for the Beltway Sniper in 2002, the media told people to be on the lookout for a white van. Until that time, I hadn't given much thought to white vans. During that October, even though I was safe and sound some 1000 miles west in Minneapolis, everywhere I went I saw white vans. ...more

Loved your post...and, am looking forward to a followup on the inane use of the Car Czar, and ...more

Recession Leads to Increase in Birth Control Usage

According to the New York Times, anecdotal evidence suggests that the recession is creating an increase in men who seek vasectomies. Men fear that they cannot afford any unplanned pregnancies in these difficult economic times, plus anyone considering the procedure before the recession began is capitalizing on the opportunity to get one now, before he is laid off and loses his health insurance. ...more

I'm on maternity leave right now. It feels a little uncertain, being away from work in this ...more

Is moving back home with your parents really that weird?

There are many who argue that moving back home with your parents after college or after entering the real world is somehow synonymous with failure. ...more

Great article!  I say that in this economy, the stigma has diminished drastically.  ...more

Want to Fix the Economy? Wear a Mini Skirt!

Still looking for a way to be chic in the current economy? Tired of shopping your closet? Well get out there, sisters, and buy yourself a mini skirt! Because apparently that's the key to economic revivial. At least, according to the nice people at Schick: ...more

No job? Start Your Own Business

Have you been downsized, right-sized, experienced a layoff, or simply seen your employment vanish over the last year of the recession? You're certainly not alone. While many business owners are moaning and groaning about the economy, the effect it is having on the economy, and touting that now is a terrible time to start/be in business, the truth of the matter is that a recession can be an ideal time to start a business. ...more

I completed my Master's Degree, a degree that i thought would open up more doors and ...more

Reinvention via Real Estate: Keeping the Movies and TV Well-Dressed

By Helen Uffner I thought I was settled for life (or at least until my retirement). ...more


Many big names have been in the news for less than proper reasons.  Some celebraties, some politicians, some CEO's and the one thing they have in common is that they were tried and/or convicted of felonies.  Some even spent some jail time to atone for their actions.  However, upon their return to their respective workplaces they are for the most part re-welcomed back into their given society.  Even the football player who is currently in jail for dog fights and animal cruelty is negotiating his contract to return to the field while he is in prison. ...more

What can museums learn from the decline of American newspapers?

I address today's post to those who work in nonprofits, but most especially museums. Still, I think many cultural institutions and businesses would benefit from taking a closer look at the decline of the American newspaper. ...more

I find it interesting that you're making a direct comparison to museums.  Why choose this ...more

Seeing the Invisible People and Mexican Repatriation Act - Part 4

I watched a movie last night on TCM called Double Harness from 1933. It was the story of two sisters, one who could not control her spending and the other who believed that marriage was a business. She wanted to marry a playboy and help redeem him in order for him to achieve his potential.  There were no poor people to be seen, even the butler had it good.  It was a fantasy. ...more