When Did "Economy" Become A 4-Letter Word?

When did words like "recession" and "economic downturn" and "financial holocaust" sneak their way into my vernacular? I'm not quite sure and yet I don't think I'm the only one. We're in a crisis, folks, and in the American family where mothers control a large portion of the finances this has become a concern to everyone of late. ...more

Dave Ramsey was the first person I interviewed as a TV reporter here in ...more

Credit Crunch survival - a look on the bright side

We're all exhausted with reading about the greediness of banks and conversations with friends inevitably get around to the fear we are feeling about losing jobs, negative equity, debts and similar depressing themes. But there are some positive (and silly things) to come out of recession. Having been through 3 now, this one feels stranger than the others - but looking back, there are definitely things to look forward to: ...more

Finding Women Voices in the Depression/Recession – Part Two

It is Women’s History Month. One thing that is absent from the financial discussions of the past is how did women cope? I think of that time with images of flappers dancing, bread lines and hundreds of men on Wall Street looking solemn. Yet there were women in America in 1929. They are invisible on a surface level but our great-grandmothers and grandmother do have information for their children’s children. How Did Folks Know What Was Happening? ...more

They grew up without electricity or running water and made sure my brother and I had that ...more

In a recession, attitude is everything

The recession is hardly news, now; we all know we're in one, we're all experiencing its effects to some degree. Unemployment is up, stocks are down, and for the most part, people just don't seem all that sunny. ...more

As long as I don't watch the news, I'm fine. When I'm tempted to watch, I immediately get ...more

Mom and So Real Economics

I and every one I know are hunkering down on the dollar, watching for sales, cutting back on the luxuries and suddenly adhering to budgets that were once mocked and ignored.  There is nothing like decreased production numbers at work and not so secret HR closed door meetings to humble a once active member of the consuming public.  Unfortunately, in my profession, when the business world slows so do our services to it.  I wonder if my archnemesis, Sallie Mae, will understand.  (My insightful opinions of the higher education business will have to for anothe ...more

Who In Their Right Mind Would Start A Business In This Economy?

Turns out recessions are actually a great time to start a business. People who have been laid off feel like they have nothing to lose so they are more inclined to take a risk and pursue something they always wanted to do. Then there is just the reality that chances are many of the people who have been laid off will probably not find the kind of job they want so they have to create their own. It's the old necessity is the mother of invention concept. ...more


 I've quit my full time job despite the recession and have banded together with ...more

No More Eggs and Bread

It felt like a funeral. A local grocery store that has been around for several decades is closing next week -- yet another victim of the shattered economy. Now its employees must scramble to try to find other jobs. Meanwhile, a few shoppers are stopping in to wheel their carts around one more time and take advantage of closeout-sale prices of the few items left on the shelves.  ...more

This is really sad news.  You're right about nothing being safe or guaranteed.  It is a ...more

The recession strategy you may not have thought of

  Creative Commons Image: Wally G ...more

Recess v. Recession

Recession, Recession, Recession. It is all we hear about, it is all we think about. Being inundated with the word, I have taken to examining it more carefully. It contains the word 'recess' in it. 'Recess,' remember that word from your school days? It was the highlight of our days. We could run wild through the playground and be carefree (particularly when the teachers were looking the other way. ...more

Fight the recession as a team.

Stress levels are on the rise. And we know that during times of pressure and stress, men isolate and women connect. In some of the saddest cases, the distress and fear of failure, layoffs and social isolation have led to heart attacks, strokes and even suicides. Literally, the financial crisis is breaking hearts, according to health.com. ...more