How to Recession Proof Your Life…Hint: It’s not by eating PORK!

crossposted on Some days I can’t hear anything  for all panic about the sky falling, the world coming to an end, and rumors of the second great depression. Gloom, doom darkness and despair. Woe is me. ...more

WVFC: Mistresses of the Universe?

On Sunday, when we first saw Nicholas Kristof's op-ed in the New York Times ("Mistresses of the Universe"), WVFC's editor and publisher each thought instantly:  “Finally, someone is saying what we at WVFC have been saying all along!” ...more

Do Not Blame the Economy for This - Five Easily Avoidable Style Mistakes

In the past couple of weeks, people have started to lose whatever little optimistic edge they had about the economy.  We all know someone who has been laid off, or who won't be getting even a cost-of-living raise this year.  We're all making hard decisions about how and how much to spend, and we're looking around to see where we can cut back.   ...more

My first recession

I hear it every morning as my t.v. turns into my alarm clock. "Recession, stimulus, unemployment, foreclosures, death, distruction, the world is coming to an end." Okay so the end of that sentence is a little dramatic but the recession that we all wake up to every morning is depressing.  ...more

Another Side Effect of the Recession: Bulging Waistlines?

Do you ever wonder if the media tries to find a way to connect everything to how overweight we are?  The latest sign of the coming obesity apocalypse: the recession. That's right.  As our wallets get emptier, we start cutting back on produce purchases and replacing them with cheaper, more calorie-dense, processed foods.   ...more

Nothing Feels Better Than Family

2008 was a hard year for millions of people.  Many of us probably are still struggling with finances and wondering if our jobs are safe. What better time is it to reconnect with our families?  Spend more time at home playing games with your kids or just go for a walk with them.   Read books, go outside or just ’hang out’ with them?  What would your children say to you if you were 100% there for them with no distractions?  ...more

Stephanie Fierman On The Influence Of Optics

“Optics,” in Wall Street parlance, means how something looks or appears on its face (without a lot of detail). It’s so appropriate that the phrase comes from the investment community - because said community really stinks at it! I submit to you the following: ...more

What Recession: the Most Expensive Inauguration in Our Country's History

Alternate title: WWLD? (What Would Lincoln Do?) It's a passing of the torch, literally in Iran, where they've switched out their Bush effigies and have set fire to new Obama ones. Here, preparations are underway for the most expensive inaugural celebrations in our country's history: the swearing-in of Barack Obama. ...more

I just want to point out that a very large percentage of the money spent on the Inauguration ...more

12 Recession Busters for Budget-Conscious Brides: From Wedding Venues to the Guest List, Ways to Cut Wedding Cost

You can’t turn on the TV without being blasted with news about the tumultuous economy. Job losses. Plummeting stocks. A real estate market that continues to tank. It’s enough to make any girl get the jitters. And as if the recession wasn’t enough, you’ve got to plan a wedding! What if you can’t afford the wedding you really want? ...more

Layoffs, Recession, and Downsizing, Oh My!

I have to admit, until very recently, my family and I haven’t really felt the pull of the Recessional undertow. We cut back spending at Christmas and what not, but that was all in the “just in case” mentality. Turns out that might have been a smart move on my part. Very rapidly, the company that I have worked for the last five years of my life has taken a significant downturn in sales and profits, so much so that the rumor mill of layoffs began a few weeks ago. And things have intensified, to the point that I am very sure SOMETHING will be ...more