Easy and Quick Recipes for Busy Moms

Sometimes kids can drive you so crazy when they just won’t eat and then you have to find new ways to help them get those much needed nutrition- telling them stories, making the food interesting enough, looking for new recipes.True that we love our kids because of course we do but all this just doesn’t remain fun and games when you don’t have enough time on your watch to breathe, let alone try out new recipes that demand much patience and time to bring out those flavors to intrigue your children....more

B.A.T.H. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

We came up with the idea for this one night while drinking but it’s scrumptious enough to enjoy sober or otherwise !Ingredients...more

Garlic Pull-Apart Bread

I remember that I shared my secret to cooking green vegetables – it’s garlic! Lots of it.I remember that I pan toasted minced garlic until golden brown and sprinkled it all over some roasted brussels sprouts. That thing was delicious!...more

A Divine Noodle Recipe With Pine Nuts, Chicken & Spinach

 Luscious food is all about coming up with perfect combination of quintessential ingredients, that bring splendid taste when cooked accordingly. No one can ever deny the fact that cooking is an art, and the more time you devote to it the better you can cook. It’s essential that you start thinking about how to prepare scrumptious food by mixing together healthy and taste enhancing ingredients....more

Greek Garlic Sauce (Scordalia)

 GREEK GARLIC SAUCE (SCORDALIA)Appetizers Sides, Soups, SaladsMy wonderfu...more

Luchi Aloor dum (baby potatoes and deep fried bread)

Baby potatoes served with deep fried flatbread – quintessential Bengali breakfast. Luchi is deep fried flatbread made with plain flour or maida. It is similar to poori, which is made of whole meal flour or atta. Aloor dum is a spicy baby potato curry. Traditionally the aloor dum was made during winter – the new potatoes season. But these days they are available through out the year and we don’t have to wait for winter to get these potatoes. Next time you see baby potatoes, grab them and try this recipe....more

Shortbread Cookies - 1 Recipe 3 Cookies

 I’m in love with this simple shortbread recipe that pairs so well with so many flavours! This 1 recipe makes 3 cookie flavours, making your life easier during the holidays and making you look like a super star! 1 recipe, 3 cookies, how amazing is that?! ...more


Loaded with spices, apples and sage, this layer cake is a true celebration of fall, accented with homemade spiked caramel. If the apple garnish is too intimidating, serve cake slices with warm apples on the side. ...more