Turkey Sausage & Black Bean Soup

I found a recipe that I am LOVING. It is quick, easy, healthy, and can be made in large servings. It’s also super delicious and apparently under 200 calories (without the cheese and avocado toppings)....more

Nutella no-bake cookies

http://drizzlemeskinny.com/nutella-no-bake-cookies/It has been so hot and sticky lately and I was trying not to have to turn the oven on, so no-bake cookies seemed the way to go! These nutella cookies are scrumptious, I’ll admit it’s hard to eat just one but I feel more satisfied after 2 of these rather than 2 store bought cookies. Super easy to make and only 2 points each....more

A Spoonful of Elderberry Syrup

http://followingbreadcrumbs.com/2015/06/22/just-a-spoonful-of-elderberry... ...more

Herbed Baked Salmon


Quick Banana Appe/Paniyaram

Quick Banana Appe/Paniyaram is instant and easy to make sweet recipe prepared using wheat flour, ripe banana. This appe is very soft and delicious and can be served as evening snack with ghee.You just need paniyaram pan / appe kayli to do this recipe. If you do not have this feel free to make pancakes with the same batter. Its also called kele goda appo in konkani....more

Easy Homemade Mayonnaise using an Immersion Blender

 I've been making my own mayonnaise with fresh eggs from our backyard chicken coop for almost as long as we've had chickens , which is going on seven years now, but I had never tried using an immersion blender until a few weeks ago.  And can I just say that this method is brilliant!...more

Canning Chickpeas

Canning  chickpeas yourself yields a superior product and opens the door to creating unique flavors not found in common grocery store cans of chickpeas. ...more

What's On the Menu: Summer BBQs

We decided to host a Fourth of July BBQ this year, instead of our annual Memorial Day shindig.  My husband will man the grill, cooking hot dogs, burgers, and sausage. I’ll stick to making the appetizers and some side dishes. Luckily, I have some great appetizer and side dish recipes up my sleeve (or rather, saved on my Pinterest boards!)We are having around 25-30 people (including a couple of small children) and I want to make sure we have enough food to go around! Check out my menu for our Fourth of July BBQ this year!...more

Quinoa and Kidney Beans Pilaf

Quinoa and Kidney Beans Pilaf  is delicious and flavorful pilaf recipe. Quinoa is gluten free and high in protein. Red kidney beans is good source of cholesterol-lowering fiber.This is very good option for vegetarians/vegans and for those who are diet conscious....more

Pandan Chiffon Cake

Good Morning Everyone!Today is Monday, and today, I am going to share a recipe of one of my favorite food! Yeah! Can you guess it? I think you can guess it!No, no, I’m pretty sure you can guess it.Why? Because its written in the title of the post!! Hahaha!Yes, it is Pandan Chiffon! :D...more