Thursday night #Chinese dinner!

We love chinese food, I am not going to to deny it. The mix of ingredients in this cuisine is amazing and some of the dishes can be easily replicated at home with an amazing result. Tonight is a perfect example!We had Chicken with chinese mushroom and oyster sauce, accompanied with some stir-fry noodles with vegetables and a lovely Chinese steamed bread. ...more

Quinoa Fennel Curry w/Shrimp & Tofu

I have become obsessed with making the perfect quinoa curry ever since I ate this particularly flavourful tofu curry at Urban Herbivore in a food court in Toronto. One wouldn’t think that a meal from a food court would make such an impression but I distinctly remember the crispy tofu and the creamy, sweet and spicy broth.  Ever since then, my mission has been to create the same comforting experience, and I believe I have finally completed my quinoa curry quest!My quinoa curry is packed full of protein, hints of sweetness, simmering spice and a creamy finish that will have you returning for seconds.  I toasted whole cardamom, fenugreek and coriander seeds to bring out the most flavour from these spices, however if you don't have whole seeds handy substitute with 25% less (1 teaspoon whole seeds = 3/4 teaspoon ground). I used fenugreek because it has all kinds of great health benefits - including flushing out harmful toxins and helping digestion - an important aid during our detox!  The heat from these spices builds slowly on the palette, and is balanced out by the soothing sweetness of the coconut and raisins.  The carrots and almonds provide a nice crunch, as well as complimenting the earthy element of the quinoa.  What makes my curry unique is that instead of using an onion as a base, I used fennel.  I made this substitution because my boyfriend loves fennel, and because I thought the licorice flavour would tie the spicy and sweet elements together nicely. We devoured this curry while watching the first episode of the new season of Game of Thrones - the perfect comfort food when watching that unpredictable show.  Needless to say, I have really fallen in love with fennel, and I can't wait to make this curry again!Ingredients for the curry:2-3 cups low sodium chicken broth1 x 398ml can coconut milk300g frozen shrimp, defrosted1 x fennel bulb, top removed and two layers of outer bulb finely diced.  Save fronds for topping.2 x medium carrots peeled, trimmed and sliced lengthwise and chopped into half moons4 x baby bok choy, trimmed and coarsely choppedhandful cilantro, finely chopped1 x lime2 x garlic cloves, finely chopped1 x 1 inch piece of ginger, peeled and finely chopped½ a red chili finely chopped5 cardamon pods, shell removed1 tablespoon curry powder1 tablespoon olive oil2 teaspoons garam masala1 teaspoon cumin seeds1 teaspoon ground cumin1 teaspoon ground coriander½ teaspoon coriander seeds½ teaspoon fenugreek (substitute for coriander seeds if needed)sea salt and freshly ground pepper to tasteFor the full recipe head over to I See Hungry People and get addicted to fennel curry! ...more

Blueberry dark chocolate donuts’s Monday… so I made donuts! These blueberry dark chocolate donuts are bursting with blueberries and just enough chocolate to leave a smile on your face. As always they are only 2 points each and so simple to make.. so go ahead and have 2 and walk away with no guilt!...more

The upcoming of the cream cheese free cucumber sandwich

I was sitting in bed this morning after returning from my friend's house, and was thinking about what sort of food to pack and enjoy on a beach trip that I might be going on tomorrow. (I am so excited!) I knew buying food would be out of the question, so I was trying to think of some sort of sandwich that would be light and delicious, but not overplayed and ordinary....more

Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

Today I've got an oatmeal cookie recipe to share with you! I love homemade cookies and so do the kiddos. It's a nice surprise after a day at school. I like the idea of oatmeal cookies because oats are good for you. I used dark chocolate chips and walnuts to up the nutritional value.  One third the batch got dried cranberries and white chocolate chips for a twist on the traditional oatmeal cookies. I'm not sure which I like better!...more

Baked Scotch Eggs

Easter and eggs go hand in hand, so I thought I would get a little creative this past weekend and found perfect recipe to change things up. Scotch Eggs are something we don’t have very often. They’re beyond delicious, but let’s be real, not very healthy. Don’t let these fool you, just because they’re baked, doesn’t make them any healthier....more

Chicken Avocado Enchiladas

I was inspired to make these from a recipe I saw on facebook, but of course I had to put my own twist on it and make it even more delicious! Ingredients:Enchilada Sauce:2Tbsp Butter3 Garlic Cloves, minced2 Tbsp Flour1 Cup Chicken Stock2 tsp Cumin1/2 tsp Alpine Touch (Salt & Pepper)...more

BBQ, Apple & Shiitake Bacon Pizza

If Cliff had his way we would have pizza for dinner every night. And I can’t really blame him.  I mean pizza really is the perfect food and it can become anything you want.  The possibilities are endless.This last summer we instituted pizza Sundays into our household.  Every Sunday we had different kinds of delicious pizza. We even started to cook pizzas on our barbeque which brought our pizza game up to a whole new level. However, when winter time rolled around, pizza Sundays tapered off.  So when I mentioned to Cliff my idea for this pizza he was unsurprisingly ecstatic. more>>...more

Easter Basket Cupcakes w/ Edible Baskets

 I rarely try my hand at anything overly creative in the kitchen, but every now and then I attempt to expand and grow my skills when it comes to baking....more