Raspberry Swirl Meringues

Today I am feeling blessed to have attended the baby shower of a very dear friend. She has been mentor, colleague, and friend and I feel fortunate to have shared this special day with her.I wanted to bring something yummy to the shower, so I brought out my favourite recipe découverte of last year: raspberry swirl meringues....more

Egg Salad Sandwich Perfect for Leftover Hard-boiled Eggs!

If the tulips and magnolia trees are any indication, Spring has officially sprung and we are mostly all on our way to warm weather.  This alone is cause for celebration in my book, as I am not a huge fan of Winter.  Not only is there warmer weather and flowers in bloom with the coming of spring, but tons of great and amazing foods.  People are grilling out and going on picnics to enjoy the beautiful weather, reunions are being planned and family gatherings are filling up your weekends....more

Chicken Stir Fry

A quick, easy and most importantly delicious recipe for dinner time any night of the week :) Ingredients:2Tbsp Olive Oil (I prefer light tasting)2 Chicken Breasts (or 4-5 tenderloins) choppedSeasoning- Alpine Touch (Salt & Pepper), Crushed Red Pepper, Tarragon, Dash of GingerBag of frozen mixed veggies (whatever you prefer, I used carrots, broccoli & water chestnuts)...more

Grandma Olga's Fresh, Hot, Delicious, Homemade Tortillas

Back in 1995, when our Chief Travel Correspondent was only about five months old, her great grandmother Olga came to stay with us for a bit. I can't remember how it was decided, only that she "liked to clean." I think it was maybe "compelled to clean." Nevertheless, our windowsills were, in fact, spotless for the weeks of her visit. ...more
rosemondcates Let me know how it goes Rosemond!  I'd love to know how well I've explained it!more

Prosciutto and Arugula Pita Pizza

Every Friday needs some pizza!You made it through the week and are headed into the WEEEEKEND!So let's celebrate with a slice ofProsciutto and Arugula Pita Pizza ...more

One Pot Wonder: Sweet Potatoes and Chorizo

One pot meals are the best meal, aren’t they?Cleanup is one cutting board. One knife.Today, a dish that fits that bill. A hearty breakfast, or a cozy-bowl dinner. In either case, spicy, healthy, flavorful and easy.This dish. THIS ONE. I just can’t help myself (in my head, Greg Kinnear, You’ve Got Mail).Papas con Chorizo. Potatoes and sausage. Oh, but it’s so much more....more
Yum!! I love dishes that have sweet potatoes in them. They're so good for you. Good call on ...more

My Favorite Veggie Comfort Food: Stuffed Bell Peppers

Stuffed bell peppers are one of my favourite dishes: light, healthy, easy to make and tasty! I like them stuffed with rice, peas, tomato sauce or saffron. Yesterday, I used courgettes (zucchini) and red onions for the filling. My recipe is extremely simple and pretty quick....more
These look really good and really easy! Thanks!more

Blueberry Walnut Guacamole

So, today.  Big game. HUGE. (Pretend I said it like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, because that’s how it came out in my head while I was typing it, and she, I think, really nailed that attitude in a way I only hope to some day).Anyway, enough about my girl-crush on Julia. The Super Bowl’s today, which means it’s likeThanksgiving in January. I mean, it is, isn’t it? Lots of food, football on the TV, some of us watching in a mildly interested way, while others of us are in the kitchen the whole time. January Thanksgiving....more

How Trendy: Chia Seed Pudding

This chia seed pudding is a breakfast and snack, all rolled up as one. Topped with fresh berries or a handful of granola, you’ll love the subtle hints of sweetness. Deciding to nibble on this, rather than a bag of chips or sugar-loaded cereal bar, will leave you filling goooood inside. ...more

Healthy Super Bowl App: Greek Yogurt Vegetable Dip

Making healthy decisions doesn’t have to be boring. The next time a party (oh, hey Super Bowl!) calls for a dip, consider this skinny Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip. It has the perfect balance of savoriness and crunch. Crowds will rave, stomachs will be happy and your waistline will thank you....more