Traditional Irish Recipes: Dublin Lawyer, Limerick Ham, Colcannon, Brown Scones and Irish Soda Bread

Irish Food Favorites: They're Not Just for Saint Patty's Day Anymore  The following link is to five traditional Irish recipes including Dublin Lawyer, Limerick Ham, Colcannon, Brown Scones and Irish Soda Bread. No one is quite sure how "Dublin Lawyer" got it's name. It's an old, Irish recipe that's decadent in every way and makes a great, romantic dinner. Dublin Lawyer combines butter-sauteed lobster meat with a Jameson Irish Whiskey flambe and rich, heavy cream. The recipe serves two and is served on the half-shell. ...more

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Bringing some sunshine to an otherwise very cold and wet day

Yesterday was very cold and very wet. The good news is that inside our house, the fire was crackling and the kitchen was busy. I recently caught an episode of Giada De Laurentiis' Everyday Lunches where she made delicious Taleggio and Pear Paninis. In my mind, I would make the sandwiches, throw it in my bag, go for a bike ride and have a picnic by the beach. Well, this plan obviously has to wait. But because patience is and probably never will be my strongest suit - even though I already had cooked dinner (chilean sea bass with garlic french fingerling potatoes and spinach pasta) - I just really wanted to make it anyway. So I turned Giada's paninis into appetizers and added chocolate nibs and walnuts. The nibs do an amazing trick of bringing out the saltiness of the taleggio and the sweetness of the peaches while adding texture.For the recipe, read more: ...more

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Looking for Ways to Prepare Asparagus?

It’s almost Spring, and one of my favorite vegetables is making an appearance in the supermarket at a price I can afford to pay. Asparagus!What a versatile, colorful, and tasty veggie. It doesn’t take long for asparagus to be the first to disappear from a vegetable platter filled with carrots, celery, tomatoes.Asparagus is best when it’s simply steamed, and served lightly dusted with a little kosher salt and some cracked black pepper....more

One Meatless Sandwich for the Whole Family: Egg and Pepper Sandwich With Hot Mayo Sauce

Chicago seems to have a thing for egg-and-green-pepper sandwiches -- not quite like this one, though. You can get them year-round in some places, and other places seem to save them for Lent. Instead of fish on Friday, it is an egg-and-pepper sandwich on Friday. Your corner sandwich shop doesn't have these adorable retro beauties. You can't beat them for thrifty, fun and tasty, though! ...more

I love these ideas. I just posted about an egg salad that I made with mint chutney. I love ...more

Need to Feed a Crowd? Try These Terrific Chicken Recipes

I love feeding a crowd of hungry family and friends. Long before the designated day, I pour through cookbooks and my favorite recipe blogs, looking for the perfect recipe.Then comes shopping for all those great ingredients. I wander down the isles, challenging myself to keep the budget down. This, of course, never happens.For days before, I start chopping and prepping. Pulling out all my party gear, and torturing my husband with requests to clean this, or pick up that....more

Need a Tried and True Appetizer Recipe For Your Super Bowl Party?

Yahoo! It's that time of year again, and we are big football fans in this family.The fact that my son is the head coach of a local high school, and has played or coached most of the 27 years of his life, hasn't contributed to our football obsession at all....more

Funeral Potatoes With Ham

A couple of weeks ago, I was startled by a cookbook among the books we picked up at the library. I don't generally read new cookbooks, and why on earth were we getting one from the library? It was too polished, too many pictures, too new. The cookbook was Cook's Country Best Lost Suppers-Old-Fashioned, Home Cooked Recipes Too Good to Forget, 2009. I put it aside to flip through while waiting for the dogs to come in. ...more

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