Instant Green Chili and Ginger Pickle

Quick and easy instant chili and ginger pickle INGREDIENTS-preparation time-15 minserve-10 ...more

Filipino Dish- Palabok with a Twist

 As a Filipino raised here in the USA, I am so glad that while growing up in my parents' house, our mom cooked us home-cooked meals, both American and Filipino dishes.  One of those dishes I have grown up with and instantly bring me back to the childhood days whenever I get near it is a classic Filipino dish, called "Pancit Palabok."  It is a popular recipe known to Filipinos that is delicious and usually doesn't last long after it is cooked!  It is made typically with r...more

Tasty Potato and Mustard Rings (gluten free option)

Farmer's Market Inspiration

Red Enchiladas with Caramelized Onions

These enchiladas were by far an easy meal for a hot summer day with very little heat required. My sister came over for a summer swim in our pool, coffee talk, and mani/pedi time. We had a great day with wonderful laughs and good conversation. The kids played well together, and as always wear one another out. Every time I cook with my sister around, a funny conversation takes place. She hates to cook. Seriously hates to cook. Her idea of a meal, is to have a smoothie, cereal, salad, or already prepared meal that someone else cooked....more

Salmon Sandwich 2.0

Ingredientstwo salmon portionsarugula micro greens or any other greensstore bought tzatziki1 tbsp Vegenaise (or mayo)1 tbsp Sriracha saucecucumber slices1 tbsp caperspickled jalapeño slices1/4 red onion, thinly slicedwhole grain bunssalt and pepper to taste...more

Grilled Jerk Chicken over Chopped Salad with Mango

INGRIDIENTS for Grilled Jerk Chicken5 tbsp canola oiljuice of 1/2 lime5 Scotch bonnet peppers (or jalapeños), stemmed (seeded if you like less heat)3 garlic cloves1/4 red onion3 scallions, chopped2 sprigs thyme1 tsp groung ginger1 tbsp dark brown sugar1 tsp salt2 tbsp cider vinegar4 bone in chicken thighs...more

Mini Pizzas

I used to be a horrible morning person. All growing up I could never get up in time for school. My dad would come in on a bright sunny morning with extreme excitement in his voice. "Honey, it snowed last night!" I would try and process which season we were in, whether I should be excited or simply the sad reality that what my dad just shared was absurd. It was summer, 70 degrees by 7 am and my dad is trying to get me out of bed with snowflakes....more

Pan Friend Fish (Mahi)

In desperate need of a last minute meal idea??? Here's a quick, healthy option.I decided the other night I had waited to long to begin dinner and BBQ'ing was out of the question. My son need to eat and eat now, as it was his bedtime. Opps, I was slacking on my bedtime routine with him and let us play outside for way longer than recommended. :)Tonight's menu: Pan fried Mahi, sausage, salad and rice. Easy, simple and good for you!...more

Bacon Wrapped Sausage

These bacon wrapped sausage dogs are making my mouth water as I simply sit to write out this recipe for all of you gracious people. This recipe even first thing in the morning will bring satisfaction to my palette. It's a great meal for the warm summer heat surrounding your backyard and your barbecue with good family conversation while the kiddos play.Ingredients:...more