3 Things I Enjoy About Winter

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Skinny Peppermint Patties

It wouldn't be Christmas time without using peppermint in something.  My Skinny Peppermint Patties are a great healthy Christmas treat. They are easy to make, vegan, gluten free and super addictive! So watch out.  Believe me, I made these for my husbands' coworkers, but they never made it to the office....more


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Giant Blue Beasts

Do you have one of these giant blue beasts lurking around your front doorstep at this time of the year?...more

What to do with leftover red wine

It’s the age old question: what to do with leftover red wine?I know you’re asking, “but who has leftover red wine?” Seriously, right?  I admit it’s rare at this house too, but on those odd occasions when you do have a bit leftover and you need something to do with it, this is a great recipe to whip up and use as a baste for grilled poultry. It’s tangy, sweet and generally yummy....more

Teriyaki Salmon Recipe

 Hey Fit Family!!!  One day I was walking through Wegmans and you know how they have those nice ladies handing out food samples?  Well this lady handed me a taste of the salmon with teriyaki and I was sold!  ...more

Turkey Spinach Meatballs Recipe


Easy Gluten Free Pad Thai Noodle Dish

This easy Gluten Free Pad Thai Noodle dish is an everyday meal that doesn’t take long to cook, is healthy and tastes wonderful!...more

Strawberry Short Cake a Summer Tradition

Strawberry Shortcake the best dessert on a hot sunny dayand if you match it with none dairy ice cream made from frozenbananas well you are gluten free and dairy freeClick here for recipe...more

Fab 5 Friday