My Bloody Mary

The Community Coordinator on behalf of Williams Sonomainterested in my own twist on the Classic Bloody Mary..." The one stipulation was that I had to juice the tomatoes. No problem there, I am no stranger to juicing....more

Super Juicing Me: Standing up to a Challenge

On Monday, June 2, I will begin my participation in two challenges; Writing 101 by WordPress and SuperJuiceMe 28 day detox program.  Yes, I will be consuming nothing but good, organic nutrients from June 2-29!...more

Juicing for Health: The Green Apple #Recipe

Juicing! Why are you talking about juicing, Carla? It’s Monday. The Move Nourish Believe Challenge starts pretty soon and part of the challenge is to do a recap at the end of the week regarding the challenge, your workouts, etc. There’s a $1000 Lorna Jane shopping spree up for grabs so I’m going to give it my all (don’t forget to sign up)....more