Easy Homemade Plain Yogurt

I finally did it! I have wanted to make homemade yogurt for a while. I bought a yogurt maker at a thrift store several months back and it just sat in my cabinet waiting to be used. It did the same thing at someone else’s  house because it was brand-new when I bought it for $6.99. Image: Courtesy of A Love a Fare Yes I know you can make yogurt without a yogurt maker. ...more
@elaineR.N. You're welcome. I'm looking forward to my next batch.more

Easy Homemade Lasagna

Do you like lasagna but think making it is a hassle? Three pans is all it takes. We use home canned sauce, but you can use store bought sauce if you like. We use the old fashioned lasagna that you boil, but there is an oven ready lasagna noodle available now, which would cut the pans needed down to two. You can even make lasagna in a solar oven, but that is a post for another day!...more

A tale of two lambs ...part deux ...

A tale of two lambs...part deux ... Confession: I have been sitting here freaking out for the last twenty minutes. I totally lost my tales and lessons. It's true. They disappeared from my computer. Pouff. Like the sauce. And, it was such a ridiculous way to go. I copied my text, was ready to paste and then, my bleeping computer shut down!...more