Lemon Thyme Chicken

Lemon Thyme Chicken ...more

An Apple (Cake) a Day: 10 Recipes to Keep the Doctor Away

Put your nose in the air in early October, you'll soon catch a sniff of cinnamon. (Or maybe nutmeg, but definitely cinnamon.) That's because someone nearby, I predict, is baking an apple cake. It's that time of year! We're so ready to start baking again, after (mostly unsuccessfully) ignoring our ovens all hot-summer long. Fall is apple-cake season, no doubt. I can't guarantee the doctor bit but I can promise some tasting eating, thanks to some of the apple cake recipes from my favorite food bloggers. ...more

I've been craving apple cake, and I have a blackberry apple cake recipe sitting in my to-try ...more

Pound + Pound + Pound + Pound

What thing of beauty emerges from the oven when you combine a pound of butter, a pound of sugar, a pound of eggs and a pound of flour and then stir in a little vanilla? "Pound cake" -- of course, the dense, sweet but plain cake 'leavened' (that means to lighten the texture and thereby increase the volume) only by a long mix time. ...more

Wow, I really am slow.

I finally made pound cake - the original, a pound of everything, ...more

She's a Genius!

Just bought Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook Deceptively Delicious, and I sat in bed reading it last night,  dreaming of serving my family mac and cheese that contained hidden butternut squash puree. Yummy and a source of beta carotene and it counts as a serving of veggies. Way to maintain that food pyramid!! ...more

O Fig! Ooooh Figs!

"Fig season is upon us and produce stalls boast plentiful trays of purple figs, soft at the hips and oft leaking a drop of sap from their, um, bottom. Of course, they cost an eye -- figs are a luxury in Paris any time of the year -- but the fig fanatic in me is willing to make any sort of monetary sacrifice to fuel my addiction." ~ so wrote Clotilde from Chocolate & Zucchini, unofficially launching the fig season. From there, I grabbed a handful of fresh figs to nibble on while collecting ideas, just for tasting inspiration, of course. ...more

I loooove figs! I had been waiting for them to show up..they seemed to be a bit late this ...more

Recipes to Boost Brain (Including California Garlic), Breakfast With Jake & Reese

I had breakfast next to Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon yesterday. True, this has absolutely nothing to do with garlic or my post, but I can't stop thinking about it and thought it was a good attention grabber. Okay - it's out of my system. We can proceed. However, for all of you wondering, they are both as good looking - if not more so - than they appear on the big screen. Where was I? Oh, yes...back to California heirloom garlic. ...more

No Plan for Dinner? This Free Tool will Make You Look Like a Professional Chef!

If you're like me, you have to-do lists everywhere - on your refrigerator, cellphone, in ...more

I Love The South, I Love Tailgating, I Love California Heirloom Garlic

 Ahh…..how I love the South’s hospitality and ambiance… It was evident when I first arrived in Knoxville, Tennessee yesterday, and my cab driver did three things you don’t find in LA: he helped me into the cab, called me ma’am (definitely not necessary, but very indicative of the South) and even engaged me in friendly conversation (beyond asking me where I was going and arguing about the rate). ...more

Find Recipes that Match Your Ingredients at Supercook.com

Ever look in your fridge or pantry and wonder just what you can fix for dinner without making a last-minute shopping run? ...more

A Grab Bag of Recipes that Shout "Summer"

Saturdays, my mom made soup, "Saturday Soup" we came to call it, a way to clean out all those odds and ends from the refrigerator before shopping for the week's groceries that afternoon. It was never the same twice but always delicious. So this collection of recent favorite posts from my fellow food bloggers, it's a bit like Saturday soup, a big ol' pot of good stuff, never the same twice. See what I've found, the recipes are fast and fresh and shout "summer" -- maybe even a "summer Saturday". ...more

The first time I made a fruit soup was by accident, using an overripe honeydew, some lime, ...more