Strawberry, Blueberries with Ice Cream topped with Scottish Tablet

Now that you have all made your first batch of Scottish Tablet you might be wondering to do with your wonderful slabs of sugary gold. Or if you haven't made it yet maybe you are looking for another nudge in the right direction. See full post on Strawberries, Blueberries with Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Scottish tablet. ...more

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California Garlic Doesn't Bite

I'm typically not a fan of things that bite - whether it's a dog, a cat, a teething child, horse, etc. One bite I don't mind, however, is that of fresh, California-grown garlic.Many share my love for the robust taste afforded by fresh garlic, but for those who don't, the complaint I often hear is - "The taste of garlic is too potent - it bites." This might be true, but like any great calamity, it can be remedied. ...more

Strawberry Smoothie

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Butterfinger Cake

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Father's Day Food Memories: Recipes for My '70s Dad

Now I have a badassedly awesome dad whose interests range from archeology (he is not beyond giving me a piece of coprolite as a birthday present) to handcrafting miniature knives -- but when it came to food, if it didn’t have a "Mc" in front or an "Ummms" behind, he was not interested. While all my friends seemed to give their suburban-backyard dads big, honking "kiss the cook" barbecue aprons for Father's Day, I favored Spencers or Waldenbooks gift certificates, or that old standby, the geode. ...more

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Frog Legs...With A Little California Garlic

Frog legs and garlic are two foods with seemingly nothing in common. (Wait...did you say the leg of a frog is a food?!) That is, until the two are combined, generating a taste that equates to a thin slice of heaven. Brian Key, Gibsons Restaurant Group's regional chef for downtown Chicago, recognizes this, and his Frog Leg Entree - which features Christopher Ranch California garlic, as well as our fresh shallots - is quite popular among restaurant patrons.It's summertime, so frogs are prevalent, and California garlic is in season - the perfect time to combine the two. ...more

Waikiki Chicken

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Grandma Nell's Chocolate Pie

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The Simply Perfect Life - Live, Love & Laugh! Enjoy Life....very simply.

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