Bob Dylan: Soundtrack of My Lifetime

Some of my earliest childhood memories were set to the soundtrack of the crack and pop of vinyl on the record player in my parent's living room. There were tapes too, but our household was one of records. Played loudly through the speakers that seemed so huge, they might as well have been suspended from the ceiling of Madison Square Garden. Dancing, singing, spinning in circles in the living room to the music that was so infused in my blood from such a young age that it seemed like part of me. Part of my family....more
Amen to everything you wrote. I specially enjoyed your vivid description of how music lovers ...more

"Christmas is a Comin'"- by E.L Harris

Cell phone's been working overtime to listen to Christmas songs next to my bed till I fall asleep so I don't get tempted to use up my battery up toIM 'Too Busy' at 11 o'clock like I've done every night since Tuesday when I came home to find my cracked window and my black cat that disappeared...waited up all night for the burglar, I put the dowel rod in sideways to see if he'd think that would make it easy to get in but then I stared at my Xmas lights until I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer and I fell asleep to the insturmental version of "Christmas is Here" from the Charlie Brown Christm...more

(VIDEO) What Do You Mean Gameboys Are Vintage?

Today's children may have various forms of technology available to use for fun and educational purposes. However, they're not really aware of what came before their iPods, DSis and Wiis. In a funny video making the rounds, a group of French children take a look out our old stuff and try to figure out what it is they're touching. Laughter and nostalgia abound. ...more

and my original Nintendo, and a VCR (or 2). I was a big fan of Zelda too. Still am, I now have ...more