Help Us - Help You: How to Work with a Recruiter

Recently, there have been several articles on the recruiting industry asking: "What makes a good recruiter?", "What differentiates one recruiting firm from another?", "Do Recruiters all say the same things?" and, my favorite article posted two weeks ago, "A Recruiter’s Jerry Maguire Moment". ...more
I need help finding one!more


Have been away for a few days. Just checked the date of my last blog was the 17th of Feb.I shared the good news of my job offer with you folks, who are now my confidantes. The next few days were spent in good cheer. We attended some social cum religious events and ate some good food. The children were out on their own holiday, so my husband and I were home alone.  Monday was family day and we went out for Chinese food with some friends and then stayed till late at night talking with friends. ...more