The fragility of dreams.

Recently my daughter became pregnant for the third time – and for the third time, the pregnancy stopped developing. Since it did not spontaneously abort, Abby had to go in for a D&C, her second.When people have asked how I’m doing, I’ve replied with everything but the truth.The truth is that I’m angry....more

Overcoming (Multiple) Early Miscarriages

My husband Josh and I do not tell people when we are trying to get pregnant or talk specifics with anyone other than each other.  It's a very personal matter to us.  And while some people began asking "When are you going to have more kids" as soon as our twins turned one, we never told them what we talk about behind closed doors.  We just aren't "those" people.  So, to write a blog post about not only our recent attempts to get pregnant, but also our losses is really hard and makes me feel slightly awkward to do so, but, we're trying to keep things real on our blog. ...more
Thank you thank you thank you. Six years ago I lost my son and until today I haven't written ...more

There's no time like the first time: Will's take

Reading over Mo's reflections I realize that there are major differences - both good and bad - this time 'round. I am not blase about this IVF cycle, but experiencing a healthy dose of apprehension about getting too excited. For this next IVF, I am cautious, but for the long-term, I know - and definitely have more confidence than Mo - that eventually we will be fortunate to have a child and that child will be a true treasure in our lives. ...more

If men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, maybe babies are from Pluto?

Welcome. We're glad you're here...and no, we never thought we'd be here either. But since we are, we thought we might as well blog about it. They say life is circular and indeed we are again beginning the process of trying to start a family. This winter will inaugurate our new president Barack Obama and our fifth attempt at pregnancy in a little over a year. ...more