Cheap, easy and green: Keep your electronics efficient

When shopping for electronics, we tend to be swayed by the the initial sticker price without looking at long-term costs -- both for our wallets and for the planet. Try these tips to save your hard-earned money while feeling good about reducing your carbon footprint too: ...more

Fall, A time for Renewal, New Beginnings and Cleaning Up

As summer vacation comes to an end, the children are back to school, and all has settled, I always like to clean out my kitchen cupboards, fridge, empty drawers of a lot of clutter--call it a renewal or a refreshing of my household. September has always represented the beginning of a new year. With this said, I also suggest to many of my customers to give the same attention to their jewelery. Do you have broken jewelery that you have been putting off to being repaired? ...more

Trash trimming: A Hardcore eco-challenge goes mainstream

If I could just keep the promises I made to myself in the morning until the evening, I'd feel my life had more of a sense of progress. But apparently other enviro thinkers are a lot better at setting and keeping long term eco-goals -- so much better, in fact, that they go so far as to not just set serious week-long eco-goals, but to set hardcore year-long goals -- and declare their intention to follow through on them on CNN. ...more

These are really informative and inspiring blogs that has great info on reducing your ...more

Is she really the Wii Fit girl? We'll never tell, but celeb trainer Ashley Borden's eco-sensitive workout tips inspire us to get

  Got abs? NIKE Elite Athlete and spokesperson for Nintendo’s Wii Fit Ashley Borden is a Los Angeles based fitness expert who works with clients like Mandy Moore, Natasha Bedingfield and Ryan Gosling (yum). ...more

Living without plastic or processed foods: ReadyMade takes eco-challenges

Is there something about DIYing that turns you into an environmentalist? Or does environmentalism naturally lead to DIYing interests? That's what I've been wondering since I finally discovered ReadyMade magazine's editors' blog -- which lately seems to be all about fantastic plastic-free living and yummy eco-foodie-ism, thanks to a new weekly feature dubbed "A Week Without..."! ...more

Hi Siel!

Why do I DIY?  First of all, it's a fix for that creative itch - I ...more

Save My Ass or Save the Environment?

Six weeks and one day ago (not that anyone’s counting), I became a vegetarian. A pescatarian to be exact, since I could give up the thrice-weekly chicken and occasional In-N-Out, but sushi? C’mon. ...more