The Mora Smoothie

Hi I'm Paola, I love creativity in every aspect, and many diy tutorial to create things inspired by the great fashion designers. I see something I like, I create it, I post it step by step <...more

Creative License

Today….I’m gonna talk to Y’all about the creative process….no pictures….just words.Yesterday I was visiting with a dear….very creative friend of mine (Cheryl Lewis). I was telling her how certain members of my family just didn’t “get it”….She’s really creative in her own right….and when she tells me something….I really respect it. She inspired me to write this....more

Recycle That Bra, Lady!

What to do when a bra has reached the natural end of its life? If you're a D-cup girl like me, you say a few words, weep a bit and maybe play a bugle because that patch of lace-and-wire hydraulics has done you (and society as a whole, really) a terrific service. But these days, we have to stop and think about anything before it goes in the trash: Can it be recycled? That old nasty bra? Why yes, yes it can....more
@fuzzieworld Wonderful! Glad we could help.more

Plastic Recycling by the Numbers

 Are you confused about which plastics recycle?  I always figured, if it's plastic shouldn't they accept it at my local recycling center?  For awhile I went to one that did accept it, but didn't pay for some of it.  That was okay with me.  I mean, I figured that as long as it wasn't ending up in the landfill I was doing my part, right?  I was dismayed to discover that many small recycling centers accept all of your plastics and then just dump those that they don't handle into the landfill after all....more

Project Pinterest: Pallet Crafting

Happy Wednesday! It's time for me to share another one of my Pinterest Projects. The project that I am talking about this week is not actually completed yet, but I've been working on it for two weeks and since I didn't share anything with you last week I thought I'd better fill you in. I wouldn't want you to think that I'm slacking or anything....more

A Quest

In these hard times of “deep recession” (euphemism for “the economy is fucked”), I suggest you avail yourself of the many fine thrift stores to be found where you live.  Thanks to five years of a whole host of bad decisions by folks on all points of the political spectrum, thrift stores have appeared like mushrooms after a heavy rain.  I mention this budget conscious version of shopping because times are hard and money is tight and a thrift store can supply you with some clothing basics that with a good wash you can consider your own....more

10 Reasons Everyone Should Shop Resale

There are many great resale stores throughout the world and many provide tips on how to consign and why you should consider shopping resale. Below are 10 reasons you should shop resale from Previously Adored, they are located in Alberta, Canada and like Little Green Beans in Austin, Texas they specialize in childrenswear....more

Who Threw Away The Opossum?

(originally posted @ My Really Real Reality) Yesterday morning, the Man of the House noticed something was amiss in the garage.  The recycling bins were a bit askew.  And the lid was off one of the big trash bins.  Which appeared to have no bag in it.  Although he knew he had put fresh bags in after his last trip to the recycling center.  Odd...Perhaps the bag slipped off and was down inside the can.  He took a look-see.  Yep,...more
bwahahahaha!!  Cozy?  clearly you have never seen the garage.  Then again, maybe an opossum ...more

Scrap paper quilt

I don't know about you, but I've got a stack of toddler art that has had its time on the front of the fridge then gets put into a drawer - and then that drawer starts overflowing. Sometimes I cut out parts of the tot's art for creating homemade cards, but there is usually still a lot of creations that either need to be chucked or repurposed in some creative way....more

A Conspiracy? Or Good Recycling? An Investigative Report

The makers of Spider-man pencils have a lot to answer for, according to Sam (last name withheld by request).Sam came home from school and relayed the following story to his mother.  “I took my Spider-man pencil to the sharpener and when I started sharpening, some of the paper started peeling away. So I was gonna rip it off until I saw that it was really a BUTTERFLY pencil instead!  So I stopped sharpening right away!”He pulled the offending pencil out and began peeling.  “See!”...more