How to Succeed in Portland Without Really Recycling

I'm spoiled living in here Portland, Oregon. Not only is my city beautiful, with mild weather, rolling hills and ample green space, but most folks around here are so enlightened they give birth naturally under their favorite tree. No matter what neighborhood you live in, there's an acupuncturist, a Buddhist temple, a yoga studio and a medical marijuana dispensary all within 300 feet of your solar powered micro house. ...more
Meant to add: Terrific article. Spot on. I have no car, no kids, a compost bin, my own mug, ...more

Collecting New & Used Tote Bags and Backpacks to Help Families Access Food Pantries

A new project in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is seizing the imagination of a wide range of partners.  The Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project collects new and gently used tote bags for redistribution to clients of the region's food pantries. The projects partners with Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank which serves 120,000 people each month through 300+ pantries.  Other partners include sustainable/organic food co-ops, a building materials recycling project, the regional convention center and do...more

DIY Chalkboard Paint Ideas

Chalkboard paint has become all the rage. And it's uses for creating home decor pieces that you can personalize with the swipe of a piece of chalk have become seemingly endless. I love this idea for spray painting wine bottles and then personalizing them with a faux label or design. ...more
Fun article.  I found chalkboard labels the other day at Staples..Cant' wait to try them out.  I ...more

My Entry Table

I have a small table near the front door.  Looking at it this morning, I noticed a distinct pattern.  On the top of the table are a wedding gift for an upcoming June wedding, a magazine article for a friend, a sock one son left when he stayed the weekend and a pile of books destined for another son.  On the bottom shelf, a bag of magazines being forwarded to a friend to read (easy way to recycle them!).  In front of the table are a couple bags of clothes going to yet another friend's daughter (another form of recycling!)....more

Brilliance in Recycling

I love getting new toothbrushes -- it's like the equivalent of new pencils on the first day of school - a chance to start over. ...more

Brilliance in Recycling

I love getting new toothbrushes -- it's like the equivalent of new pencils on the first day of school - a chance to start over. ...more


I am one of those people who squeezes every last pea-sized drop of toothpaste out before opening a new tube.  I turn the shampoo bottle upside down when it gets low so I can milk every last penny out of it.  I keep dirty used tissues in the console of my car because there are still a few spots that aren’t crusty yet....more

It's funny how we pick-up our partners habits. Kudos to you for fixing the disposal. I would ...more

Wasteland: Lives Reborn From Trash

“Independent Lens” focused on the work of Vic Muniz. The photographer was raised in poverty. He was cared for by his grandmother as his father worked nights, his mother worked days. Caught up in a street fight he was shot in the leg as a lad.   He lived with his family in a crowded area of Sao Paulo.  His father literally built their home. His father said that originally they had no running water, no sewer, he said “we had difficulty but dignity”. 'Dignity' is a reoccurring word through the show. Vic went to Jardim Gramacho....more

Recycling or Rubbish

I’m trying to do my part, you know, save the world, and I’m doing it one plastic container and cardboard pizza box at a time. I’m not digging water wells in Mali or building houses in New Orleans, or rescuing abused circus elephants. I’m recycling vitamin bottles and tuna cans. ...more