What Green Looks Like: The Development of Sustainable Technology with Heather Clancy on Women Of Green

Heather Clancy is an award-winning business journalist with a passion for green technology and corporate sustainability issues. She writes on diverse topics with thoughtfulness and precision. She speaks here with Women Of Green about information technology, Facebook, and her hopefulness in the green movement....more

Have Trash? Turn It Into Something Fabulous

I definitely respect the work that Terracycle is doing, and I think that making the trash donation process simpler is a fabulous idea. And the fact that the trash is exchanged for a charitable donation adds a nice layer of feel-good to the whole process. Of course, if everyone on the planet was inspired about recycling, we wouldn't need to make recycling so easy. But the long and short of it is that a lot of people aren't going to bother to recycle unless it's easy and rewarding, and for that reason, I can definitely get behind Terracycle's idea. ...more

Thanks so much for this post! It is right on time for me.....I am currently Working on the ...more

Do You Recycle Your Old Cell Phones?

If you've never recycled a cell phone, you're not alone. Cell phone recycling rates are "amazingly low," according to a study from International Data Corp., which says that even a 10 percent recycling rate is considered good. As an environmentalist, I'm not convinced this is necessarily bad news. ...more

As a military Mom I would like to add to this blog that more than monetary refunds a very ...more

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas

This holiday season is all about being eco-friendly. But it's not just the gifts that should be environmentally green! Packaging and gift wrap make for a lot of waste....more

Time to Bag the Bags

We've all seen images of birds and fish, with plastic grocery bags in mouth. Disturbing indeed, and don't think this is propaganda from PETA. Plastic bags are entering our food chain through oceans, rivers and the stomachs of wildlife. The toxins they carry are nearly impossible to eliminate as we don't really know how if ever they break down naturally....more

I just took over 300 plastic bags to the recycling center. I'm not joking... over 300! It was ...more

Can I Recycle My Straw? Top 12 Recycling FAQs Answered Once And For All

 Even the most seasoned ecoista can be stumped by a bottle cap or shampoo bottle. Which bin? Do I need to wash it out? And what about the straw? by Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff, www.ecostiletto.com ...more

Top 10 Features of Our Cardboard Dollhouse

Alternate Title: Polly Drain My Pocket vs. Cassie and the Cable Box Why we love our cardboard box. 1. The cable company provided the box and the Sunday paper provided the furniture. ...more

How creative is that! I am so impressed. I would love to do this with my 5 year old.more

Easing My Conscience: Giving Recyclables a New Lease on Life

Do you re-play conversations over and over in your head and think of what you should or should not have said and over-analyze a situation and then feel guilty about how you did or did not handle something or say or do something?...more

Recycling to feel good

So here I am again....glad to be! Every monday and thursday, the trash truck comes twice. Once for regular trash and once for recyclable trash. How many of us really gather stuff that we like to recycle every week. Does everyone even knows the list of items that can be recycled Recycling is just one more thing to feel good and sometimes bad about myself. If I do it, I feel good. If I don't I feel guilt....and believe me guilt has been piling for a longtime now.....that it needs recycling ;-) ...more

Hoovering the Hood

40's of fulfillment    If you walked past my house right now you would think I either had the best week ever or absolutely the worst in living memory.  My  recycling bin is full, normally I recycle a coke can here and water bottle there  and some weeks I don't manage to put out a plastics/can/bottle bin at all, but not this week.    Earlier than I am out walking Dogger, the 40oz Bunny is out leaving me many, many "eggs" to hunt for....more