Easing My Conscience: Giving Recyclables a New Lease on Life

Do you re-play conversations over and over in your head and think of what you should or should not have said and over-analyze a situation and then feel guilty about how you did or did not handle something or say or do something?...more

Recycling to feel good

So here I am again....glad to be! Every monday and thursday, the trash truck comes twice. Once for regular trash and once for recyclable trash. How many of us really gather stuff that we like to recycle every week. Does everyone even knows the list of items that can be recycled Recycling is just one more thing to feel good and sometimes bad about myself. If I do it, I feel good. If I don't I feel guilt....and believe me guilt has been piling for a longtime now.....that it needs recycling ;-) ...more

Hoovering the Hood

40's of fulfillment    If you walked past my house right now you would think I either had the best week ever or absolutely the worst in living memory.  My  recycling bin is full, normally I recycle a coke can here and water bottle there  and some weeks I don't manage to put out a plastics/can/bottle bin at all, but not this week.    Earlier than I am out walking Dogger, the 40oz Bunny is out leaving me many, many "eggs" to hunt for....more

It's Snowing Styrofoam!

The large box looked too heavy for my 115 pound frame to carry.  “Jennifer Schwab, Sierra Club Green Home” on the label, yep, it was for me, but I hadn’t ordered anything large lik...more

Help! I'm Addicted to K Cups

I like to think I'm a good person and at least a pale shade of green.  My recycling trash container is always much fuller than than the one that contains, well, trash.  I buy recyled, local, organic, advocate for sustainable solutions at the architectural office I work at.  I know what Cradle to Cradle is, unplug electrical things when I can and when they aren't needed....I really really try to be a good person.But my partner's daughter gave him a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas....more

Now you've inspired me to a comparative study.  Tassimo Senseo, ...more

Dead Tree Books VS EReaders

I keep seeing these blogs and such saying we should stop reading "dead tree books" and all buy ereaders, claiming that they're better for the environment and all that. Let me give you two reasons, people, that will not and cannot happen. #1: Migraine sufferers. ...more

I love me some dead-tree books!


Is Recycling the Answer to Holiday Waste?

Actually, no. While recycling is certainly important -- we do it in our home -- it's not enough, and here are a few reasons why: ...more

from bread to the chicken coop

I have made some fun and important changes to our family in the last couple of months.  We have gotten on a really great budget, we've stopped using services that we can do on our own,  and we are now making lots of homemade foods that we once bought prepackaged. I feel like we are truly headed in a direction that I feel proud of, but there is a lot more work ahead. ...more

Garbage Dreams Sweeps Up Accolades with a Compelling Story of Trash Salvagers

When I see films in our big chain movie theater, I like to get the mega-large soft drink. They have a good fountain, and I like to have the big, iceburg of a drink to share throughout the movie, and then get a refill to take home. It's a bit obscene, I think it's 64 ounces and crammed with ice, and takes two hands to carry. Do you ever look in the trash cans on the way out of the theater? The cups and buckets are huge. I'm lucky if I don't spill half of my drink, and then I have the crappy, soggy cup to contend with. It's a bad habit. ...more


Thanks for this article. Last night, unable to sleep, I happed upon a show Wasteland ...more