Refashioning with T-shirt. What's Your Style?

Back to school is starting to infiltrate our psyches. And many creative souls will choose to refashion their "new" wardrobe instead of running to the stores to purchase all new gear. Ofcourse one of the easiest and most versatile items to refashion is the cotton knit shirt (often aka the t-shirt). What are some things that we can do? ...more

These are only a few of the ideas! I see t-shirt hacks almost weekly and it always amazes me ...more

Swishing - It's the New Shopping

Swishing is the latest phenomenon to sweep the UK. It is already huge in the US and is the term used to describe clothes swap parties where individuals take along items of clothing and swap them with others. The swapping of second hand designer clothing is a great way to update your wardrobe without spending any money. ...more

My New Missouri Garden/Scarlet Runner Beans

Hi Everyone, this is my first post. I'll mostly be talking about Gardening and Crafts, with an emphasis on creative living on a budget. Use what you have--- it works for me! I'm so lucky, I'm putting in a brand new garden in my boyfriend's mom's big yard out in the Missouri countryside. I find I'm liking putting in the garden paths using the rocks, mud, and gravel that are already there or available nearby for free! I planted some Scarlet Runner Bean seeds I had saved and brought with me from my old garden in Washington State. Gardening here is very different! ...more

How to be Green and Save Green

A lot of people have the misconception that to be Green is expensive.  You have to buy organic food, clothing made from natural fibers, and expensive hybrid vehicles.  In some ways it can add up! ...more

Some Green Questions

What are the green solutions to the following? ...more

How Much Are You Willing To Pay To Recycle Your Plastic, Glass, Paper and Metal?

Every other Monday the recycling pick-up truck barrels through my neighborhood. Most of the time I have a blue recycling bin full of various paper bags --each separately filled with glass, plastic, aluminum, and paper. For being a good citizen of the earth, the city of Minneapolis gives me a $7 credit on my waste management bill. Given the current status of recycling in the country,that recycling credit could soon become a recyling charge. The question is,how much are you willing to pay for recycling trash that no one wants to buy anymore? ...more

I'm with Diane, recycle anyway and someone will find a way to use the raw material. For ...more

Recycling Electronics: Easier than Ever

Chances are a new game system, computer, iPod, cell phone or other electronics will come into your house this holiday season. What are you going to do with the older version the new goodie will replace? If you don't plan to use it yourself or pass it on to another member of the family, here are some ideas for recycling or freecyling those electronics. ...more