Kicking Off KCFW.

Kansas City Fashion Week kicked off last Wednesday with a cocktail party on the Plaza....more

Oscars 2014 Fashion Recap

The 2014 Oscars are in the record books!  Well, there might be a few parties still going on as this post goes live.  I have to say, it was quite the entertaining show, thanks to Ellen DeGeneres. I mean, how cool was ordering pizza?  And her Oscar Selfie set a Twitter record for the most tweets.  Even though it ran long, having our #OscarHop rolling made it fun and engaging!   But before the show, we began with the Red Carpet....more

Snarking About Fugly Dresses at the Emmys

The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards will be held Sunday night. I'm tuning in for sure. I have favorite shows and actors to cheer and betting pools to win or lose. ...more
@SocalMom Ah....that's a whole other issue, it is SO NOT FUN of the networks not to understand ...more

2013 Oscars Fashion Recap & Poll: Best Dressed, Worst Dressed, & Everything in Between

Finally, the Oscars -- THE award show of awards show season -- came and went, and with mixed reviews. Though it seemed like the same movies along with the same actors were nominated for every single category, the 85th Academy Awards show was actually quite entertaining. I'm not sure if I loved the A-listers acting as the entertainment for the evening, dancing and singing in their own wild numbers, but it is a show for them and their craft, so why not? ...more
What's the first lady doing at the oscars? What's your opinion this?more

Oscar 2013 Fashion Round-Up

Whew!  What a weekend it was!  Between our Celebrity Moms, our martini post, our blog hop, and our party on Twitter and Instagram, it was a BUSY weekend.  I got locked out of Twitter during the height of our Twitter party, so that was a little bit of a bummer.  But all in all, it was very fun!  I do have a little energy left in me to wrap up my favorite Oscar fashion picks. ...more

BlogHer's Shoe Shot Walks the Red Carpet

Today our shoe shot gives a shout out to Hollywood’s grandest night of the year.  That’s right, we rolled out the red carpet for a small, but loyal contingency of shoe girls today.  The first three glammed it up and we could actually imagine seeing these shoes hob-knobbing with the stars at the Academy Awards this Sunday.  But what’s up with the moccasin at the end of the line?...more
Speaking of shoes, #Abdication means #Pope must give up #redshoes. Worse, he must wear brown, ...more

If I Styled the Stars on the SAG Red Carpet...

I absolutely love Sofia Vergara-like, borderline obsessively. The only thing I do not love, however is the fact that everything she wears accentuates the fact that she is latino and that she works out 12 times a week. We get it, have the best 40-year old woman's body in the northern hemisphere. I am all for showing a little skin and playing up the heritage, but really with this dress and the boobs spilling everywhere? Plus, the huge platforms? One: this is not the grammy's...and two: you are not 27 anymore....more
Honestly, as a woman near Vergara's age, AND as a woman that has been pregnant five times...I ...more

Golden Globe 2013 Hits & Misses

I love award shows.  I SOOO look forward to the award season, that kicks off with the Golden Globes.  I'ts about the love of fashion and the love of movies and t.v. (at least for me).  So, let's start off with the fashion hits and misses. (I'll have my winners hits and misses tomorrow)....more