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I’m sitting here at an Internet café in the south of France contemplating the red carpet from last night. Yes the red carpet. But not just any red carpet. THEE red carpet. The red carpet of red carpets. The reddest of them all: The Cannes Film Festival. And let me tell you, it was a spectacle. People everywhere. We could hardly move on the Croisette. Paparazzi screaming, fans ogling, pushing, shoving trying to get a glimpse of their favorite stars. Security, police, bodyguards, gowns, mini skirts, tuxedos and men in clown suits....more

The French Identity Crisis

by Nia Peeples ...more

This blog is absolutely one of my favorites! =) I have, only this year, realized that all I can ...more

Academy Awards Red Carpet: Thoughts on Three Trends (and How They Can Work for You)

Last night was one of my favorite nights of the year: the Oscars. Not because I'm a big fan of the Academy Awards; I don't really care who wins in what category. I'm interested in the fashion rather than the films, and while I watched most of the actual awards show, it was really just to see more of what the celebrities were wearing. But it's the arrivals part of the evening that I love (and you do too, admit it). Last night's red carpet was a mix of exciting choices and old snoozers. ...more

I think the red carpet gives people a chance to really see who's really got taste in their ...more

My Oscar Experience: How I Took 50 Photos of Ryan Seacrest and Zero of Matt Damon

One would think that when going to the Academy Awards, two cameras and an iPhone would be enough. Tragically, one would be wrong. Full Disclosure: I did not get a picture of Matt Damon or Meryl Streep because they had the audacity to show up after I'd taken 75 pictures of Mary Hart and Ryan Seacrest because they were all we had for hours while we baked in the sun on aluminum bleachers and then my batteries died. All of them. Moving on! Because I'm not bitter. Much. ...more

You've made the right decision. Matt Damon has no hint of sexiness in a man. Ryan Seacrest is ...more

Styled for a Steal by Suave

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Suave. I'll admit it. When it comes to awards shows, I'm rarely all that interested in who wins. I only care about who wore what, how they accessorized, and what they did with their hair. I've spent many a Golden Globes texting and emailing with friends to ooh and ahh over who looked particularly fabulous and share snarky comments about those who might want to fire their stylist. But, last night was the first time I held a red carpet Emmys party, and I owe it all to Suave! ...more

Contemplating Fame and Celebrity from the Kentucky Derby

If ever the word 'hoopla' applied to an event, this would be it. Beyond the race, hats and fashions, the Kentucky Derby includes parties and red carpet celebrities. I did my best to absorb both and ended up pondering the weirdness of fame and how the velvet ropes and steel barricades so clearly divide dimensions of reality. The humans-on-parade scene would make an ideal study for a Masters in sociology. I know, I know - I should have drunk more. (My Derby Red Carpet photos here.) ...more

Red Carpet Watch - Brad Pitt vs. Mickey Rourke

My husband went to a black tie dinner a couple of weeks ago. I took the kids to basketball practice while he got changed, figuring that a 43-year-old man could manage a tuxedo by himself. "I'm going to put on my penguin suit and go out!" he told my six-year-old. And my son said, "Awesome!"  I'm sure he thought my husband was REALLY going to dress up as a penguin.  Oh how disappointed he would have been. ...more