Thai Red Curry with Chicken

Yum! This Thai Red Curry with Chicken recipe is an absolute must - try dinner!  If you like spicy, red curry, and chicken, this recipe will leave you only wanting more. The best part is that it even tastes just as good the second day when you have the dish for leftovers. Go grab some ingredients and enjoy for tonight's dinner.All for the love of food,Whitney...more

Blushing-Cream Roast Chicken & Red Curry Pot Pie

As I prepared to make this newly-created recipe, I had to bear the burden of hearing negative and worried comments: “You’re not making your usual chicken pot pie?” If it isn’t broke why fix it! “You’re adding CURRY? I don’t like curry!” Oh, my, but that’s awfully yellow. Do you think you’ve used too much curry? “I don’t really care for pot pies....”...more
@JourneyofLife Awww, sorry, Angela, I REALLY, really wish you could have been with us. Someday I ...more