Ranga's Rock

Ranga's Rock Kids can be cruel...this is just a fact of life.  I certainly was sometimes. I remember I wouldn't let the new girl sit next to me on the bus on her first day.... admittedly, I felt terrible and went to visit her to apologise with Mars Bars...."Welcome!...I am nice now........ want to be friends with the stuck up, smart arse bitch that refused you a seat, with an possible mood disorder of some description????" ..she did,.......more

Does Society Have Different Rules for Blondes?

The Freakanomics blog today highlights a story that has the interwebs a buzz with blonde jokes and ladyblogs asking a lot of questions. A study out of the University of Queensland found that blonde women make more money and marry wealthier men than women with other hair colors. According to the Daily Telegraph story:...more