Does Red Lipstick Cover Dark Under Eye Circles?

  Hey everyone! Lately I've been seeing this going around on the internet and I wanted to see for myself if it really works or if it's a total bust. So if you are interested in seeing if red lipstick can cover dark under eye circles than keep reading. Oh and I will forewarn you... you will see me with NO makeup on... you've been warned! :)  ...more
starkwe Haha it was just for fun, the other tutorials I have seen used the same amount and used ...more

Black Out.

I rarely say no to an all-black outfit. There’s a classic coolness to it that is hard to resist.A floaty black dress with pockets from Lovers + Friends was a go-to for a girl’s night out while in Houston a few weeks back. I just pulled the dress out of my suitcase, shook it out, and slipped it on. Black patent pumps, a few gold pieces of jewelry, red lips, and wavy been-at-the-pool-all-day hair finished the look....more

Polka Dot Top + Striped Blazer.

To play the style game, you have to be able to remix.Working and reworking what you already own not only stretches your closet (and decreases the cost-per-wear of each item), but gives you the opportunity to wear old pieces in new ways....more

One Of Fall’s Hottest Trends: The Bold Red Lip

{by} Sasha | Crows' Feet, Cupcakes, and Cellulite ...more

How to Wear Red Lipstick (A Five-Step Tutorial)

In my last post, I discussed tips and strategies for finding the perfect red lipstick (for anyone! really!). Now it's time to talk about how to wear your red lipstick. In other words, we're going to deal with how to actually apply it without looking like a prostitution whore. I know you have questions: What do you do with the rest of your face? Is eyeshadow verboten? What of the blush? Don't worry -- we'll answer them all....more
Brilliant Tutorial, I really gonna try this at home, here I read another tutorial at <a ...more

Finding the Perfect Red Lipstick: It CAN Be Done. Yes, Even By You.

Ever since my unfortunate run-in with a muddy matte stay-on "Raisin" lipstick in the early '90s, I've gravitated primarily toward glosses. The past few years, however, I've been finding myself trying to work lipstick back into my routine, specifically, a true red lipstick. I both blame and thank "Mad Men" for this. ...more

I can't stand to be without my red lipstick, I always re-apply immediately before eating or ...more