Roquefort Red Potatoes

These yummy potatoes are made with one of my husband's favorite cheeses.  Roquefort cheese is a slightly salty type of blue cheese made from sheep's milk, and the flavor combines well with many dishes.  A few appetizers like Roquefort Deviled Eggs or Stuffed Olives really highlight the tanginess of the cheese, and it would also works nicely in a ham, mushroom and onion quiche....more

Cumin and Paprika Roasted Red Potatoes

Ok here it is! Part 3 of the Comfort Food Series and these Roasted Red potatoes made the cut!  I can eat these like popcorn–with a huge serving of ketchup on the side....more

Red and Blue Potato Salad

Most people have their favourite potato salad recipe and potato salad is one of my favourite dishes.   Since I had some organic blue and red potatoes on hand I decided that “Red and Blue” potato salad would be the perfect side for Fourth of July meal. This is the first time that I have made this recipe with blue potatoes so it made still need some tweaking but give it a try and let me know what you think....more