Kunde Cab Wine Review and Butter Lettuce Salad With Pecan Recipe

What's better then coming home after a long day at work and uncorking a bottle of wine? Drinking it! It’s Thursday and time for our weekly wine review. Kunde Winery stretches along two miles of the scenic Sonoma Highway and borders Mayacamas Mountain range. The winery is known for its rust red soil, and has been said to produce complex and intriguing wines....more

Three things you thought were bad, are actually good for your teeth.

You’ve heard it all before, so when someone starts in on how important brushing and flossing are, they might as well be talking like the teacher on Charlie Brown. Yes, we know! Along with everyone else, you know what is good for your teeth. ...more

Colebrook Country Wines Special Reserve 2007 Pinot Noir: Wednesday Wine

I stumbled across the Gansevoort, N.Y.-based Colebrook Country Wines at the Bolton Landing farmers market, and after tasting two of their wine, I was sold on a bottle of their 2007 special reserve pinot noir....more


  It's a grape. A French hybrid. Red. Only grown in a few places such as: the Loire, New South Wales, south-west France, and Ontario. Not acutally legally allowed to be put into a wine bottle in France. Was in my glass on Saturday night. Not sure how I feel about it....more

Beef braised in wine with summer savory

I haven't had beef in 15 years. I used to live on red meat, but I burned out on it in 1996 and have rarely looked back.Then last week happened.That's when I started craving beef and I decided to jump back into the world of red meat with style.Beef and root vegetables braised with red wine sauce and topped with bacon and summer savory.To quote George Costanza from Seinfeld, "I'm back, baby!"...more
I had never had summer savory before, but I tasted it and it just made sense. Now I want to put ...more

Our love of wine and a bit of wine ratings

Our love of wine and a bit of wine ratings ...more

Milk and Wine: Drink to your health

Milk and Wine: Drink to Your Health ...more

Will You Be Having A Glass of Wine with Thanksgiving Dinner?

Can red wine contribute to good heart health? The answer appears to be - yes. It's not just red wine, white is good too. In moderation, wine seems to increase our good cholesterol (HDL) while decreasing bad cholesterol (LDL). And red wine also contains antioxidants. *If you have asthma or are prone to migraines, it's best to avoid red wine. ...more

I resolve to Eat & Drink More Purple Things! Red wines, berries, and things. One of natures ...more

Pass the "Mommy Juice"

Full disclosure. I'm not a mom so if you want to stop reading here then that's ok. Friends and colleagues say I'm their mom - I guess it's the part of my Jewish mother DNA and part caring about the health and well being of those I meet. They tell me that "you would have been a great mom" but that's not in the cards unless a baby is dropped on the doorstep... but that's another story. ...more

Do the Math - Ordering Wine By The Glass Is Not A Good Way to Save Money

You know the scene. You're with several of your girlfriends - or work colleagues - and you're gathered for a drink after work, a special time to get together and chat and the waiter arrives to take your drink order. Asking what you'll have to drink, the most immediate response from women is "I'll have a glass of wine" followed by the me toos at the table. The waiter without naming the exact wines poured will rattle off that they have a Chardonnay, a Pinot Grigio, a Sauvignon Blanc, etc. etc. No vintage year is mentioned - no prices or size of the pour indicated. ...more

Restaurants mark up wine at outrageous rates. It's best to have a bottle at home with your ...more