Family Holiday Movie Rental Review Roundup

So another holiday weekend has come and almost gone. We've hardly left the house in days. However I, being a wise and intelligent mom (this ain't my first rodeo...) visited the handy dandy Redbox nearest our home on Wednesday morning to procure us some Holiday Rental Delights.To save you some trouble, here's my extremely opinionated view of the movies we saw this weekend:...more

Invest $2 in a Video Game - at Redbox

Redbox has testing the idea of video game rentals for several months and concluded that it's a go. Soon almost all the Redbox kiosks will include popular video games for rental. The price for a video game will be $2 per day. There should be between 22 and 28 video game titles to choose from in a kiosk, still leaving space for about 200 movies, according to Redbox presses play on video games rentals across its kiosks. ...more