Discovering Yourself

   Recently I have discovered what it is to be me. I have stumbled upon my passion in the middle of my battle with confidence. My love has been helping me attempt to realize what my passion is. What it is I truly want to do forever. Photography. I love photos. They're so beautiful. Pictures really speak to me. No matter how much people change.. the moment they are frozen in will never change. That memory will never alter. The smile will never fade and neither will its beauty. I want to become a photographer....more

When Mom Wants to Run Away

Today is one of those days where I want to run away. I woke up this morning with a cloud just hanging over my head and feeling defeated by life. For as long as I can remember I've struggled with finding my identity and feeling claustrophobic with the world around me. As early as 10-years-old, I remember feeling worn out from so many moves and struggling to make friends, that I'd decided that running away to California to become a famous actress would solve all my problems....more
I totally feel the same way almost every day! Dealing with the passing of my beloved grandfather ...more

What Have I Been Up to . . .

Life has been strangely good even given all that is going on in life. Allow me to update first then move onto what I am doing to assure I do not take a dive into depression like I did this time last year.  First, mom is getting a long great.  She has finally adjusted the care center and is good with staying there.  I get out a couple of times a week and Phil and I go over Sunday and take her little dog Harley with us.  Mom loves Harley to come visit and she proudly holds his leash as I push her around the care center, and she makes sure everyone we pass i...more

Uh oh, here come the meat dreams.

Through writing this post I realized that my ex, the man I was in a relationship for 9 years, was never really my partner in the relationship. Understanding that has been a huge help to me as I recover. Read this and you might identify with it -- or at the very least you may just laugh. It's kind of a funny story. ...more

Rediscovering me

Once upon a time there was a little girl who dreamed of living in a beautiful home with her many children, her rich husband and their staff. She envisioned herself in power suits going to work each day in her expensive car and the wind blowing through her hair. She was sexy, smart, happy, successful, a perfect size 6, and could eat all the chocolate she wanted and not gain an ounce. ...more